A Riot Games allowed former players of the The Guard have the opportunity to compete in the VCT Americas 2024 under a new organization. According to information from leaker Lembo, G2 Esports e FlyQuestis interested in the vacancy.

For a new organization to join the franchise system, it is necessary for the team to maintain at least three players from the champion squad of the VCT Ascension. This is because the opportunity exists for individual cast members to sign with other teams.

Potential between G2 and FlyQuest

G2 Esports

G2 Esports has been present at VALORANT since before the arrival of the new circuit. They were among the teams considered to join the franchise system in 2023. However, internal challenges led to the formation of a team of Challengers.

Although they participated in Ascension, did not achieve the desired success, resulting in the release of the athletes. Now, with a new opportunity available, G2 is reconsidering its presence on the scene.


On the other hand, FlyQuest is a relatively new organization in the VALORANT esports scene. They recently acquired a team in Game Changerswhere they have competed in only one tournament to date.

However, its successful track record in League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) since 2017 it has established them as a longtime partner of Riot Games. That organization, along with his remarkable performance in the League, suggests that a successful entry into VALORANT would fit his profile perfectly.

Dignitas is also interested in the vacancy

In addition to the already mentioned G2 and FlyQuest, the Dignitas also showed interest in acquiring the cast. The information came to light after leaked conversations between the ex-The Guard duelist, texand the trainer NRG, Chet.

Status of The Guard and spot on VCT Americas

The Guard was the great champion of the VCT Ascension Americas and won a place in the Franchise League. Two months after the victory, the Riot Games chose to withdraw from the The Guard. However, after pressure from the community, the developer backtracked and allowed players to pursue a new organization.

Finally, VALORANT Global Director, Leo Fariastated that the previous placement was a mistake and that he was happy to see the community’s support with the players.

(Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games)

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/vct-americas-2024-g2-e-flyquest-tem-interesse-em-ex-jogadores-da-the-guard-diz-leaker

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