For many, One Piece is the best anime in the world, and it’s back on the rise with the launch of the Live Action series on Netflix. A few weeks ago, fans made a crossover between One Piece e League of Legends, and the result went viral on social media.

A user produced a Skin Luffy Gear 5 no LoL using the character Zac as a basis. For those who don’t know, he has the same “power” to stretch as the protagonist of the anime, which made the fusion perfect!

Skin Luffy Gear 5 no LoL

The main character, Luffy, has the ability to stretch his body members, and luckily League of Legends also has a character with this ability: Zac.

A fan named Sauronkaiser decided to combine the useful with the pleasant and released the Luffy Gear 5 skin, which is the most powerful form of the anime’s protagonist. This transformation first appears in episode 1071. Here’s how it turned out:

In the skin in question, Monkey D. Luffy starts out in his standard One Piece form, but quickly transforms into Gear 5. Zac’s passive ability shows Luffy splitting into five giant chunks of meat.

It is also possible to see that Sauronkaiser paid attention to animation details such as the character’s eyes popping out of his face in the laughing pose.

The LoL skin mod also captures the playful elements of the Gear 5 form, showing details like Luffy’s eyeballs bulging out of his face and his distinctive laughing pose.

(Image: Disclosure / Sauronkaiser)

One Piece references in LoL

Although One Piece doesn’t have any official LoL skins, Riot has already put at least two references from the anime within its game. The first one is on the Vi Golpes de Neon skin, whose recall has a pose that makes reference to Franky SUPER’s pose:

Many fans wonder if this is even a reference to One Piece or just a coincidence, and since Riot never confirmed it, we have to stick to “maybe”.

This isn’t the first time Riot has referenced an anime beloved by the community. In a recent Viego skin, there is a reference to a famous dance by Jojo.

Bruno Rodriguez
published in September 4, 2023


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