This Tuesday (5), Starfield has finally landed and made its debut to the general public: the title is now available on PC, Xbox Series S and X, including the Game Pass subscription. Bethesda’s new open-world RPG is also its latest universe, in development for an impressive 25 years. Along with its countless adventures, the title also surprises with its wide availability!

This happens, in particular, because Starfield have followed the Microsoft tradition and debuted simultaneously on Xbox Game Pass. In addition to providing access to a larger base of players through the subscription service, the decision also guarantees the title unique versatility when choosing where to play.

Through Xbox Cloud Gaming, part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, players can explore the far reaches of space in Starfield using just a cell phone, tablet or even a television. Thanks to cloud processing, which runs the title on a system similar to the new Xbox Series S|X, it is possible to play even on a “weaker” PC.

With that in mind, the Voxel created a short guide on how to play Starfield on Xbox Cloud Gaming on weaker phones, tablets and PCs. Check out!

How to play Starfield on your cell phone, tablet or weak PC

First of all, it is important to highlight that is required have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to play with Xbox Cloud Gaming. However, there is a curious exception, as it is possible to play Fortnite for the service even without having a subscription.

Another important requirement is an Xbox Controller or compatible controller. If you have a PS4 or PS5 controller, for example, you can play Starfield on your cell phone or tablet, as well as on your PC.

However, it is not possible to play via mouse and keyboard, and the use of a Bluetooth joystick is mandatory. That said, let’s get to the guide!

You must have an Xbox Controller or compatible controller to play on Xbox Cloud Gaming.Fonte: Xbox

1. Go to the Xbox Cloud Gaming page or app

On weaker PCs, you can enjoy Cloud Gaming through the official Xbox app or directly in a compatible browser. On cell phones, there is an app dedicated to the service for each platform.

Download from the official links below:

It is also possible to use a Samsung Smart TV, from the series produced between 2021 and 2022, to play natively with Xbox Cloud Gaming. Currently, it is the only brand officially supported by the Microsoft service.

For other Smart TV brands, it is possible to use the service through the browser version.

Xbox appOfficial Xbox PC app interface.Fonte: Xbox

2. Acesse a aba Cloud Gaming

In browsers and the PC app, navigate to the Cloud Gaming tab via the menu on the left. There, you can check all the games compatible with the service, in addition to having a quick access section for the latest games played.

On mobile, make sure to stay on the “Cloud” tab in the main section and scroll to the Cloud page. Starfield. Alternatively, you can also search by title.

On Samsung Smart TVs, simply press the “Home” key on the remote control, go to the “Games” tab in the left menu, and open the pre-installed Xbox Cloud Gaming app.

Xbox Cloud GamingInterface do Xbox Cloud Gaming.Fonte: Xbox

3. Navigate to the Starfield page

Next, just access the Starfield through banners or the Search Bar. There, there are three interaction options, select “Play” — accompanied by the cloud symbol. The game will start, but during this process there may be some queues due to crowding on the servers.

The process is practically identical on cell phones, tablets and TVs. In this sense, it is worth remembering that game progress is saved in the cloud and shared on any device. Finally, just pay attention to the quality of your internet connection and enjoy space exploration!

StarfieldStarfield page on the Xbox PC app.Fonte: Xbox

Remembering that Starfield can only be played via the cloud via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which can be subscribed for R$49.99 per month. A free trial of the service is not currently available, but you can get a free preview using a friend invite code.

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