A OFF//SEASON of THEY VALUET is open, after the end of the FPS regular season. In Spain, LVP is preparing for the Crossfire Cupwhich will feature teams from VCT EMEA and the banning of agents.

The championship will feature teams from Spain and Portugal and will take place in two stages. The first, with amateur teams that qualified through a qualifying phase. However, the exception was the SAWwho was invited for winning both Challengers Portugal.

After the group stage, the teams advance to the final stage, with the presence of Giants Gaming e KOI, teams from the Franchise League. Furthermore, a big new feature of the championship is that teams will be able to ban one character per map.

Crossfire Cup by VALORANT

Finally, the Crossfire Cup will take place between October 2nd and November 11th, with live broadcasts. In addition to the ban on agents, the grand final of the tournament will take place in person in Barcelona.

published in September 17, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/valorant-campeonato-da-off-season-permitira-ban-de-agentes

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