The players of Counter-Strike They always have those favorite maps to play on. At the CS 2, this is evident. According to statistics, Mirage e Infernotwo iconic stages in the game, are favorites among players in Premier mode.

According to statistics from the CS:GOstats website, Mirage and Inferno are the most played maps in the new game mode added to CS 2 on August 31st. Together, they represent 48.56% of all matches played in Premier mode.

27% of CS2 Premier Games are Mirage in our first look at play rates, which maps are you banning first?
byu/rchh inGlobalOffensive

Mirage is players’ favorite map, with 27.12% of matches played on it. Games on Inferno represent 21.44% of the total. See the full stats below.

  1. Mirage: 27,12%
  2. Inferno: 21,44%
  3. Overpass: 15,50%
  4. Nuke: 12,86%
  5. Vertigo: 10,73%
  6. Ancient: 8,27%
  7. Anubis: 4,97%

It’s worth remembering that only the maps mentioned could be played in CS 2. Meanwhile, Dust2, Cache, Office, Train, Agency e Tuscan were not made available to players. In the case of Dust2, the map has already been removed from CS 2.

Photo: Valve
Bruno Martins
published in September 17, 2023


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