O quotation marks announced last week his departure from LOUD after the completion of the 2023 season. According to information from The Enemy, the player was dissatisfied with the structure of the organization. In a podcast, PlayHardCEO of LOUD, countered the criticism.

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PlayHard talks about the structure of organizations

In Brazil there are many organizations that do great work, with incredible structures. They are our rivals in the game, but we know they are serious. They present structures inside and outside the country. If it wasn’t serious, no one would participate because the competitive scenario would regulate this and there would be several complaints.

PlayHard states that LOUD values ​​sustainability

Once again, the CEO spoke again about sustainability. In a live broadcast, PH spoke about the financial situation of North American organizations and also how LOUD aims to be sustainable in VALORANT.

After the statements, he spoke again about the subject and mentioned that it was difficult to compare Brazil with other regions.

For us at LOUD, we always value sustainability and want the best for everyone. Even more so, when they are delivering results, but never taking a step too far. We compete with different levels of investment that is not the reality of the Brazilian economy, that is, Europe, China, the United States.

Quote dissatisfaction with LOUD

According to information from The Enemy, dissatisfaction with the structure of LOUD led to the departure of the organization. However, PlayHard stated that it always listens to what players say and always aims to improve.

We always respect those who work with us, we listen and try to improve to make it happen. Not everything is perfect and sometimes it causes problems, but the player can also sometimes cause problems for the org.

quotes and LOUD output

quotes announced through social media the departure of LOUD and availability to listen to new proposals.

However, the The VALORANT star’s departure was motivated by dissatisfaction. A community reacted to the player’s departure and demonstrated that it was not a surpriseas rumors already indicated that he could leave the Brazilian team.

Image of Playhard, one of the founders of LOUD
PlayHard with the VCT trophy (Image: Bruno Medeiros/LOUD)
Raquel Ferreira
published in September 17, 2023

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