If there are two spiders to protect New York, it is obvious that there are twice as many dangers in the city. In Spider-Man 2the number of villains increases in Big Apple City, requiring Peter and Miles to be faster and stronger than ever.

In this article, Voxel breaks down the personality of each of the villains present in the new adventure of Marvel’s most famous villains. Obviously there are spoilers in this text and although some were avoided, Some of the information may spoil your surprise.

In other words, proceed at your own risk!

Mister Negative

Martin Li, or Mister Negative, first appeared in Marvel’s Spider-Man as leader of the Demons gang. The villain was responsible for starting the hunt for Devil’s Breath, a biological weapon developed by Oscorp, in a journey of personal revenge against Norman Osborn.

The requirements

Kraven the Hunter is a well-known villain in the Spider-Man universe. In the original story, he was named Sergei Kravinoff and was born in Stalingrad. His main objective is to find hunts increasingly challenging, so when he discovers that New York has become a natural habitat for several powerful figures, he decides to visit the city.

Kraven, or hunter, in Spider-Man 2.Source: Sony


Venom is one of the most classic characters from several Spider-Man universes. From what you can see in the trailers (and to spare you spoilers), it is the result of the fusion of a human with an alien creature found on Earth.

Venom em Spider-Man 2.Venom em Spider-Man 2.Source: Sony


Sandman, or “Sandman”, is the alter ego of Flint Marko. It already existed in the first game of the Spider-Man, but only appeared in collectible form. In Spider-Man 2he has a more prominent presence in the story, right at the beginning of the game.

Sandman finally appears in Spider-Man 2.Sandman finally appears in Spider-Man 2.Source: Marvel


Lizard, the “Lizard”, is the tragic result of the work of scientist Curt Connors. In an attempt to recover his arm and develop a universal solution for amputees based on lizard DNA, Connors ends up transforming into an untamed beast that, in Spider-Man 2takes on even greater dimensions.

Lizard is the transformed version of scientist Curt Connors.Lizard is the transformed version of scientist Curt Connors.Source: Spider-Man Wiki

Black Cat

Black Cat, or Felicia Hardy, is the popular anti-heroine and ex-girlfriend of Peter Parker. Her first appearance took place in the first Spider-Man for PS4 and, in the new game, she appears again and with a new mission.

Black Cat is a thief and ex-girlfriend of Peter Parker.Black Cat is a thief and ex-girlfriend of Peter Parker.Source: Spider-Man Wiki


Wraith is an anti-heroine also known from the Spider-Man universe. In Spider-Man 2, she is the destructive alter ego of Yuri Watanabe. You can find out more about her story in the article dedicated to the character.

Wraith is an antihero in Spider-Man 2.Wraith is an antihero in Spider-Man 2.Source: Sony

Cletus Kasady

Cletus Kasady is a very popular psychopath in the Spider-Man universe. In the new game, he has an important role in Peter Parker and Yuri Watanabe’s arc. Will we see the character again in the future with his destructive alter-ego, Carnage?

Cletus Kasady is "The Flame"leader of a sect that awaits the end of the world.Cletus Kasady is “The Flame”, leader of a sect that awaits the end of the world.Source: Sony


Scream is a symbiote originating from Venom known from Earth-616 to Spider-Man. Originally, she was an alter-ego of Donna Diego, a Life Foundation volunteer. However, in Spider-Man 2your host is another character.

Scream is a symbiote originating from Venom.Scream is a symbiote originating from Venom.Source: Sony

Meet the other characters

While the game’s gallery of villains is gigantic, Peter Parker and Miles Morales are not alone in the story. In this other article, you can check out the entire cast of web-head friends during the story of Spider-Man 2.

Produced by Insomiac Games, the new game is available on PS5 exclusively.

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