The famous independent game publisher Return Digital announced today (01) its new game, which promises to deliver a mix of mystery, action and puzzles. Produced by solo developer René Rother, Children of the Sun puts the player in the role of the “Girl”, a young woman with extraordinary artillery skills, who seeks revenge on the “Cult” after they promised a peaceful life and only delivered misfortune.

Inspired by the series Hitmanem Killer7 and in giallo films (filled with suspense), Combat mixes tactical shooting, stealth and puzzle-solving. AND It is necessary to analyze the map well, mark your opponents, position yourself well and put together a plan to eliminate all targets with just one shot.

New game from Devolver Digital arrives in 2024.

According to the distributor, the game is “short, quick, but extremely replayable“, featuring “elegant, mind-bending visuals and an atmospheric experimental soundtrack.” Additionally, there is a leaderboard that ranks players based on their performance during the stages.

What is the story of Children of the Sun

While the challenging gameplay is the highlight of Children of the Sun, the game also has an interesting story to immerse players during the action. The description provided by Devolver Digital gives an idea of ​​what we can expect from the game.

“THE CULT promised its members a life free from the stresses of modern life. A new, natural way of life that would make them happier, more free, and spiritually content. But this was all a lie. For many who fell into the CULT’s orbit, their lives were ruined forever: including THE GIRL, the protagonist of Children of the Sun”, explains the description, showing the protagonist’s relationship against the Cult and its great leader.

ChildrenChildren of the Sun was created by just one person.

“Now THE GIRL wants revenge. THE CULT has ruined her life and now she is waging a one-woman war against this sinister order, with her wild eyes focused on one very important target: THE LEADER. Along the way she will discover the truth dark about this group and the atrocities committed by them in the name of their master.”

Children of the Sun will be released in 2024 exclusively for PC. O Voxel We had exclusive access to a build of the game and posted our first impressions. You can access clicking here.


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