The community generated a debate this Friday (9), about the creation of a new link of VALUING between the Immortal and the Radiant. It is worth remembering that previously, Riot Games added a new link to the game, the Ascending.

The caster and former professional player, Nangpublished his opinion through social media, in the VALORANT Brazil – Competitive community, and stated that Riot should “urgently” think about it.

Unpopular opinion: Riot needs urgently create ANOTHER LINK between the Immortal and the Radiant.

Furthermore, in the comments many VALORANT players spoke about the idea that divided opinions. One user stated that there are not enough players for this.

There are times when the queue for the radiant is longer than 15 minutes and the players’ link goes from diamond 3 to the radiant. There is no point in a new rank if there is no player for it, it will only hardstuck players in those links.

On the other hand, a player suggested that Riot reduce the number of Radiants.

Riot should reduce the minimum number of radiants from 500 to 250~100, it would be much more competitive and glorifying for this rank to be so scarce.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

Ascendant was the new link added to VALORANT

In 2022, Riot Games implemented a new link to the game, the Ascendant.

At the time, the developer stated that the creation of the new rank was to prevent them from becoming “overcrowded”.

Furthermore, a new patent would allow “better distribute players between ranks and maintain the prestige of higher ranks, in addition to helping to better define the skill level of each rank.”

Raquel Ferreira
published in February 9, 2024


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