Mortal Kombat 1 It is already in the hands of several players, presenting plenty of content to enjoy and occupy their time. One of the main premises of the game is to have changed the fate of several characters, including in this relationship what happens at the end of each of them.

Within Towers mode, for example, each character has their own ending and story developed individually. If you haven’t completed the modality with all of them, we’ll talk briefly about each of these endings in the following lines.

In fact, here’s a warning: we will have spoilers about these final events after the video, So if you don’t want your experience to be affected, it’s a good idea to read here.

1. Johnny Cage

Johnny Cage wants to create the “Mortal Kombat MCU” in his finale.Source: PlayStation/Disclosure

Johnny Cage always wanted to return to stardom in his career in the film industry, and the events of Mortal Kombat 1 allowed him to make this dream come true. Now, at Liu Kang’s request, he is involved in films, series and games to start getting the world used to the fact that there is a new universe and the dangers of it.

2. Often

In its conclusion, Kenshi and Jax end up becoming allies in the fight against members of the Yakuza. The two even intended to separate after this mission, but Jax changed plans after seeing that Shang Tsung was a real threat and not just an invention from the Johnny Cage films. With that, the two returned to work together at Earth Intelligence, a division of the FBI to deal with threats on the earthly plane.

3. Sindel

At the end of the events Mortal Kombat 1, Sindel dies, but Jerrod managed to preserve her soul, causing her to become part of Ermac. However, living on this plane brings a series of challenges for them, as they need to fight for the right to be heard and govern Ermac in the same way as they did in Exoterra.

4. Kitana

Kitana faces General Shao in her ending.Kitana faces General Shao in her ending.Source: PlayStation/Disclosure

After the events of Mortal Kombat 1, Mileena asks Kitana to command her army and eliminate any member who has any type of relationship with General Shao. After facing some resistance from the soldiers, she managed to prove her worth and, with the support of her subordinates, defeat the enemy’s lackeys.

5. General Shao

General Shao was defeated by Kitana, but he did not give up on conquering the throne of Outworld. To do this, he began to form a new army with the support of several people excluded during the “Golden Age” of Exoterra, forming a new group to try to overthrow Kitana’s group and dethrone Mileena.

6. Reiko

After the end of the events of Mortal Kombat 1, Reiko returned to work alongside General Shao, helping with the training of new soldiers. However, for the plan to dethrone Mileena to succeed, they would need something stronger: Onaga, the Dragon King. Now, your new mission is to try to tame the creature to use it in combat.

7. Tanya

At the end of her journey, Tanya begins to distrust Li Mei’s actions, realizing the Supreme Matrons ended up using Li Mei as a scapegoat. Upon discovering this, Empress Mileena wanted to dissolve the Umgadi order, but managed to convince her to keep the group active with the mission of reforming its members.

8.Li Mei

Li Mei was tasked with leading the Imperial Police that acted under Mileena’s orders, but realized shortly after that accepting this task was a mistake as she did not have the patience for politics. Because of this, she returned to being a constable of Sun Do, believing that this, indeed, made a difference in her life.

9. Reptile

Reptile discovers secrets at his end.Reptile discovers secrets at his end.Source: PlayStation/Reproduction

Reptile ended up accepting an offer from Mileena to become an emissary as a form of gratitude for helping her contain General Shao’s rebellion. This would help show that, upon returning home, his mutation should not cause fear or shame.

However, in doing so, he ended up discovering that other Zaterrans with his transmutation ability exist, but were murdered by the government. Now, your purpose is to find out who does this and put an end to such atrocities.

10. Baraka

At the end of Mortal Kombat 1, Baraka realizes that the fate of his people may finally change due to the fact that Mileena also has the tarkat disease. The question now was to think about how to have an audience with her, something that was possible thanks to Reptile’s intervention. Upon seeing how this group lived, she promptly sent help to Baraka and his brothers.

11. Mileena

Mileena becomes empress of Outworld. Mileena becomes empress of Outworld. Source: YouTube/Reproduction

Mileena assumed the role of empress of Outworld, and had much of her perception changed after visiting Baraka and his community. Her mother didn’t care much about tarkataneous people, something she thought was wrong and promised not to do, even showing them that she had contracted tarkat.

12. Hawk

Havik’s story changed a lot after Quan Chi’s defeat, but he found a new purpose when he crossed paths with Rain, who was running away from Mileena. Together, they devised a plan to destroy Seido’s government, attacking the capital with a great wave that killed the population and left Havik’s countrymen free.

13. Rain

Rain fled to avoid being caught by Mileena, helping Havik with his plans. However, the sorcerer was not satisfied with the path he followed and especially with committing such serious crimes. Because of this, he surrendered himself to the empress’s powers to receive his punishment, his only desire being the dream of being forgiven one day.

14. Shang Tsung

Shang Tsung finds his island at the end.Shang Tsung finds his island at the end.Source: YouTube/Reproduction

After escaping from the Imperial Police, Shang Tsung continued on a journey across the sea until he reached the place where he lived in his youth. However, he was surprised by a storm and feared for his life, but a twist of fate meant that he arrived on an island with what he believed to be the Source of Souls, something that would help him become even stronger.

15. Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero brings the initiative to life Sub-Zero brings the “cyber” initiative to life at the end of Mortal Kombat 1. Source: PlayStation/Disclosure

Sub-Zero managed to free the Lin Kuei in Liu Kang’s hands. However, he still needed more soldiers to carry out his plans, and that’s when he remembered Shang Tsung’s army. With Sektor’s help, he strengthened these warriors using science and prepared his plan to invade the Earthrealm.

16. Scorpion

Scorpion founds his clan at the end of MK1. Scorpion founds his clan at the end of MK1. Source: YouTube/Reproduction

With Shang Tsung’s defeat, Scorpion and his followers began to be hunted. To stay alive, they decide to flee to Japan, where he asks for shelter from an old friend who helps him form a new clan and defend the Earth Plane. This also brought the two closer, developing a romantic relationship with the woman who gave their new group its name: Shirai Ryu.

17. Smoke

Smoke helped Scorpion create his new clan, but they were having trouble finding new students. That changed the day when, while out walking, he was attacked by a boy who needed help. Seeing his potential, he ended up taking the boy to carry out his training: it was none other than Hanzo Hasashi, the Scorpion who appeared in other games in the series.

18. Delayed

Nitara saw her plans to improve the lives of her people fall apart after Quan Chi’s defeat. It was then that she realized that she just needed to capture enough beings to feed her people, which was much easier than trying to dominate an entire kingdom.

19. Ashrah

After the end of Mortal Kombat 1, Liu Kang welcomes Ashrah to the Earth Plane to study with Shaolin masters. In this way, she found a new home, but she kept thinking about her sister who was under Quan Chi’s rule. With the help of Liu Kang, she rescues her relative and the two begin to fight together, forming the Order of Light.

20.Kung Lao

Kung Lao se torna mestre Shaolin.Kung Lao se torna mestre Shaolin.Source: YouTube/Reproduction

With the victory in Mortal Kombat 1, Kung Lao became a Shaolin master and began to transmit his knowledge to new initiates. However, his first student, Shujinko, became a threat for not learning one of the greatest principles of a monk: humility. Because of this, he was captured and had his powers removed to begin new training, this time with the help of Raiden.

21. Raiden

Raiden survived the fight with Shang Tsung thanks to his divine alter-ego, which raised some questions about the fact that he became a human. Liu Kang explained to him that the immortal Raiden had a dark side, and the human form would help him master these impulses. Not satisfied, he decided to look for help and ended up teaming up with Scorpion to free his powers.

22. Liu Kang

Liu Kang chooses Geras as his successor.Liu Kang chooses Geras as his successor.Source: YouTube/Reproduction

Liu Kang tried to regain his Time Guardian powers, but this took its toll on his body. He continued his journey thinking about who could be his successor, arriving at Geras as the best choice to take his place once he left this plane.

23. Good

Geras continued to protect the timelines, but this was a great challenge since in his entire life he had never seen so many simultaneous timelines. Despite no longer touching each other, they still required vigilance, something he can now do secretly in search of dangers that could threaten them.

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