A LOUD plans to reformulate its squad for 2024after the quotation marks exit. With this, the favorites to replace the player are: xandraft, GuhRVN, qck and more. In a live broadcast, Rock spoke about the organization’s options.

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Spacca comments on LOUD tryouts

In one of his lives, the caster commented on the options that LOUD has for next year. Spacca said that he was surprised by the name xand and that it is one of the best options if the organization is looking for an athlete in the role of an experienced dueler.

Of all the names on the list, the one that surprises me the most is xand and not because he doesn’t have a level, but I think he doesn’t have the LOUD profile. If this eventually happens and because he is here, his chances increase considerably. Mainly from the moment they want a duelist or an experienced player.

Furthermore, the Riot commentator also said that the player performed at a high level in all the squads he played in. This could be xand’s last chance to play on a leading team.

Xand didn’t perform badly, he’s a solid player who has demonstrated his level in every team he plays for. Most of the time he is the best player on the team in numbers and statistics and he played several different agents, several different roles, it would be a great turning point in his life and perhaps, one last professional opportunity in xand’s career. In the feeling of being on a leading team, which dreams of being world champion or seeking something great.

xand,raafa,qck,guhrvn e heat tryouts da LOUD
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Other LOUD tests for 2024

In addition to xand, other players who are in the LOUD tryouts are: GuhRVN, heat, qck and raafa. Furthermore, in the technical committee the favorite is Little. Spacca spoke about other possibilities for the cast.

We already talked about Guh, the heat, despite the buzz about MIBR, he is a great duelist, he has experience and is very young. Qck also, I think he hasn’t reached the peak of his performance yet and can play better than he did and the raafa that is IGl’s point, if Saadhak goes to the coaching staff.


LOUD is one of the teams participating in VCT Americas. The squad participated in all international championships in 2023 and was on the podium in two of them, as runner-up in the VCT LOCK//IN It is like third best team in the world in Champions 2023. In addition, the team won the VCT Americas.

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