Blizzard took a clear shot with Overwatch in 2016 by consolidating a very different formula for traditional shooters of the genre. Now, NetEase and Marvel want to replicate that same success — but with their own heroes.

After a flurry of rumors, the comic book giant finally revealed Marvel Rivalsa shooter in the best style Overwatch which is being developed in partnership with NetEase.

The game’s official announcement took place this Wednesday (27) through a trailer, in which it was possible to see several of the house’s heroes in action in the traditional 6v6 mode — apparently, there will be no PvE option. The shooter is more focused on hand-to-hand combat, but the characters who have weapons and other equipment also seem to be well explored in the gameplay.

A closed beta is scheduled for May on PC (Steam and Epic Games) — if you are interested, you can register in this link. Check out the trailer:

More details about Marvel Rivals

Unlike Blizzard’s shooter, Marvel Rivals will have a third-person perspective and art direction in the best style Valuing. Furthermore, characters like Bruce Baner, for example, can evolve into the Hulk mid-match. The project looks quite promising.

“We are very happy to bring Marvel Rivals for players around the world. We’ve always loved the Marvel universe and its characters and are very excited about the project,” said producer Stephen Wu on the official blog. “This is the game we want to make and we feel very lucky to be the team that made it all reality”.

Marvel Rivals is inspired by Overwatch gameplay.Source: Marvel

In the publication, NetEase and Marvel also promise that the game will be fed with a series of new features over the years, with cEach seasonal release brings new superheroes and never-before-seen maps to the battlefield.

Which heroes will be available in Marvel Rivals?

The trailer for Marvel Rivals also revealed several heroes that will be available in the cast of shooter. Check out some of the names below:

  • Iron Man
  • penny parker
  • Doctor Strange
  • Luna Snow
  • Magic
  • Namor
  • Big
  • Rocket Raccoon
  • Black Panther
  • Loki
  • Spider man

Of course, it is also possible to see other characters in action in the gameplay. Marvel Rivals. Some of them include Hulk, Storm, Magneto and many others. Remembering that the cast will feature heroes from different franchises — such as Avengers, X-men, Fantastic Four and others.

What did you think of Marvel Rivals? Will it make as big an impact as the Overwatch from 2016? Comment your impressions and expectations on social media Voxel!


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