Current world champion, T1 was surprised in playoffs yes LCK 2024 1° split. When playing against Hanwha Life, the team of Faker lost 3-0 and are now in the lower bracket of the competition, unable to lose any more. On the other hand, the Gen.Gcurrent league champion, beat Dplus and advanced to the upper bracket.

It is worth remembering that in the first round of the playoffs, KT Rolster of Deft was eliminated by Dplus Kia, while Kwangdong Freecs was eliminated by Hanwha Life.

Gen.G vs Dplus Kia

The series between the two teams started calmly in a first match with less than 20 kills. Gen.G showed a more controlled game, and with a good performance from Kiin and his TF AD at the top, the team secured the victory.

In the second game, Dplus came back with everything and overpowered Chovy’s team. Showmaker dominated with his Ahri and finished 10/0/8, leading the team to a smooth victory in 35 minutes.

Then, again in a game with few kills, Gen.G secured the victory, with the combo of Varus and Rumble in the bot lane. The fourth game was also shy in terms of kills. Aiming played well from Lucian and finished // , helping Dplus to tie everything in the series.

In the fifth and final game the teams went all or nothing. The match was balanced to a certain extent, but again Chovy shone, this time from Taliyah, and helped Gen.G secure the victory in the 36th minute, closing the series at 3-2.

T1 vs Hanwha Life

The series started with a well-balanced game between the two teams. Faker was Corki’s highlight and top damage of the match, but it wasn’t enough for the victory. Hanwha Life won after 35 minutes and with a kill score of 17-13.

The second game was dominated by Peanut’s team. Viper put on a show with his Zeri and finished 9/0, leading the team to a relatively quiet victory, even though the game lasted almost 40 minutes.

The third game was quite hectic between the two teams and we had 43 kills in total. Peanut did very well with his Xin Zhao, accompanied by Doran with his Aatrox and Zeka with his Taliyah. Hanwha Life won in the 35th minute and closed the series 3-0.

Upcoming LCK 2024 playoffs games 1st split

The next match of the LCK 2024 1st split playoffs will be between Hanwha Life and Gen.G, on April 6th. Whoever wins will be in the final of the competition. On the 7th we will have T1 vs Dplus Kia, making it worth staying in the competition.

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