Os Playoffs for LCK 2024 1° split They’re right there! After nine weeks of the Regular Phase, we have defined the six best teams in the tournament, who are now fighting for two places in the grand final of the South Korean League of Legends league.

In this text you can see what the LCK 2024 1st split teams and playoff matchupsas well as the format and dates of the competition.

LCK Playoffs 2024 1st split: classified teams

  • Gen.G
  • T1
  • Hanwha Life Esports
  • KT Rolster
  • Dplus KIA
  • Kwangdong Freecs

See below what the complete LCK 2024 1st split table looked like:

(Image: Disclosure/LCK)

2024 LCK Playoff Matchups

Round 1

*Opponent chosen by Hanwha Life.

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

  • Game 7: Loser of game 5 vs Winner of game 6 – 13/04

Grande final

  • Gen.G vs Game 7 Winner – 14/04

2024 LCK Playoffs Format

The six best teams from the Regular Phase qualify for the Playoffs, with the top two teams advancing directly to the second round. The first placed team can choose which team they will face based on the results of the first round.

The teams that finished between 3rd and 6th play in the first round, with the third-placed team being able to choose their initial opponent. Whoever loses at this stage will be out of the competition.

From the second round onwards, the Double Elimination format is implemented, that is, whoever loses falls to the Lower Bracket and whoever wins advances to the Upper Bracket. All matches are MD5 (Best of 5).

Image of the LCK 2024 1st split playoff bracket
(Image: Disclosure/LCK)

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LCK trophy image to represent all LCK 2024 lineups
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)
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