This Wednesday (3) Riot Games announced that Clove There will be suspense for international tournaments as I recently found a bug. It is worth mentioning that the beginning of the VCT took place on the same day as the announcement.

In the official publication of VALUINGthe developer reported that the bug was recently discovered.

Due to a recently discovered bug in Clove, Clove’s eligibility for international leagues will remain suspended. Previously, entry into the competition was scheduled for the second week of Stage 1.

Furthermore, Riot stated that it is working to get Clove to the tournaments, however, it did not provide further information about Clove’s availability for the Franchise League.

Launch in VALORANT

It is worth mentioning that being part of the controllers, elu is from Scotland and mark the 25th character release do FPS da Riot.

Another peculiarity is that Clove is non-binarythat is, it does not fit into gender standards such as man or woman.

Raquel Ferreira
published in April 3, 2024


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