Some champions in League of Legends are extremely strong in multiple roles. A Nafiri, for example, is dominating two spots on soloQ. In addition to her, two other characters are also standing out in the ranked queues.

Amumu e Maokai, two champions that primarily function as a jungle but as a support, are also seeing success. This is directly reflected in the duo’s win rate at both positions.

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Amumu and Maokai are fine in two positions

Using the Sad Mummy as an example, the character has 51.82% of wins in the jungle, while as a support he has a similar number, which reaches the 51.42%. Maokai follows the same line, with 51.65% like jungle and 52.3% acting as support in ranked queues.

Last year, Amumu was used a lot as a support, especially during Worlds 2022. A classic duo with the champion is the Miss Fortune. These two characters were also protagonists in LOUD’s victory against Fnatic in the Entry Phase of the tournament.

Maokai is a case in point, as since its abilities were revamped, it had a time when it was widely used as support. He is currently the third best choice for players in ranked queues. The champion is only behind the office It’s from Xerath.

Luis Santana
published in August 25, 2023edited 4 days ago


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