A FURY reached its first final after more than a year. The Brazilian team beat Monte in the semifinal of the Pinnacle Cup V and three players contributed a lot to that. FalleN, KSCERATO e Yuri had an excellent performance and led the team towards the decision.

Of the five FURIA players, FalleN, KSCERATO and yuurih were the ones with a positive K/D, which is the difference between kills and kills in the entire game. And not only did they have a favorable balance, but also a big difference between the statistics. The combined balance of the trio is +46.

Photo: Playback/HLTV

While yuurih and KSCERATO had a positive K/D of 16, FalleN was in second place with +14 in the stat. trio mates, Chelo e arT were negative: -8 and -14 respectively.

This showed the importance of the duo known as ‘yurato’ in good shape. FalleN also with good presentation, helped teammates perform in an even more direct and impactful way throughout the series.

The Pinnacle Cup V grand final will take place next Saturday (26th), at 2 pm. This will be FURIA’s first final after the addition of FalleN and chelo to the team of CS:GO of the organization. The classification took place just under two months after the start of training.

FURIA kscerato no IEM Rio Major
FURIA kscerato no IEM Rio Major (Photo: ESL)
Bruno Martins
published in August 25, 2023edited 4 days ago

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