Do you know what the LoL champions released in 2023? This year, Riot revealed four new characters and sought to balance not only the routes that gained new champions, but also their difficulty level.

Next, let’s remember the LoL champions released in 2023, their skills and curiosities.

What were the LoL champions released in 2023?

  • Hey – 21/11/2023
  • Briar – 13/09/2023
  • Nafiri – 19/07/2023
  • Sounds – 22/03/2023

Remember each of the champions


(Image: Disclosure/Riot Games)

Milio was the first champion of the year and is a charming support. It comes from the Ixtal region and has simple mechanics to play.

Milio’s skills include skills involving damage and slowing, healing, shielding and also an area skill that removes all negative effects from anyone nearby.


Image of champion Naafiri in LoL
(Photo: Disclosure/Riot)

Naafiri arrived in September as a killer mid lane champion. Coming from the Shurima region, she is another Darkin and has the help of her “pack”, small dogs controlled by her.

Driven by savage canine instincts and the ancient magic of the Darkin, she confidently hunts all lesser creatures, knowing that with a simple howl she can summon the full strength of her pack.

The champion requires a medium skill level to play, that is, it is not as easy as Milio, but it is not as complex as other assassins in the game. All of Naafiri’s abilities include interactions with her pack.

Naafiri is for those who like a good hunt. The role of assassin can be quite intimidating, and a high level of knowledge of the game is required to know when to roam the map and how to position yourself, as well as recognizing the right moment to attack and coming up with a plan to escape with your life. In addition to all of this, there is still the mechanical execution of the Champions’ abilities. We want to lighten the burden of execution to give more emphasis to the macro with Naafiri.


Briar, new LoL champion
Reproduction/Riot Games

The vampire Briar arrived in League of Legends in September. Intended to be a jungler, she brings the “berserker” mechanic to League for the first time, becoming enraged and unstoppably attacking everyone in front of her. This mechanic does not allow players to control who it attacks.

Briar’s abilities also include her launching a blast with global reach, and if she hits a champion, she will go to him, no matter where she is.

Briar’s uncontrollable bloodlust, a failed experiment by the Black Rose, required a special structure to control her frenzied mind. After years of confinement, this living weapon broke free from all restrictions and was free in the world. Now she is controlled by no one, following only her own hunger for knowledge and blood… and seizing opportunities to let loose, even though controlling the frenzy is not easy.

Hwei – The 10-skill wizard

Image of Hwei, new League of Legends champion
(Image: Disclosure/LoL)

To end the year, Riot launched the wizard Hwei, an artist who combines his art to create different skills, which can be offensive, defensive or support.

The champion again brings unique mechanics to the game and is also the one with the most skills. In total, Hwei has 10 different skills, requiring an image with his combos to understand all the combinations:

Hwei no LoL Skills
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)

Unlike the previous ones, here Riot wanted to bring a more difficult champion to play, and perhaps Hwei is the most complicated in all of League of Legends.

As soon as he was released, it didn’t take long for many people to compare him with Invoker, one of the most popular champions in Dota 2 and who also uses the same spell combination mechanic.

Who was your favorite 2023 champion? Riot’s news doesn’t stop there. Some releases already show that the developer should launch a Dragon champion at the beginning of 2024, which should be an ADC.

More details should be shown once the 2024 season begins.


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