The major leak that affected Insomniac earlier this week not only revealed the studio’s future plans, but also resulted in the distribution of an incomplete build of Marvel’s Wolverine for PC. Anyone who decides to test it could be targeted by the company’s lawyers, who began notifying those who had illegal access to the game.

Screenshots shared by ScreenTime on X (formerly Twitter) show that internet operators are actively collaborating with the studio. A message sent by Comcast warns about sharing copyright-infringing content through its Xinfinity service.

“We remind you that use of our service in any way that constitutes infringement of any protected work is a violation of Comcast’s DMCA policy and may result in the suspension or termination of your service and account,” the company warns. The warning also provides data on when the incomplete build of Marvel’s Wolverine was downloaded by the notified user.

Wolverine’s data is considered the result of theft

Although the curiosity to check out Insomniac’s new game is strong, it is necessary to emphasize that downloading an incomplete build is a crime. While the company has not officially commented on the leak, its legal and cybersecurity teams must already be working behind the scenes to identify the hackers responsible and try to punish them.

Insomniac wants to remove the leaked build of Marvel’s Wolverine from the internetSource: Disclosure/Insomniac Games

Although the company’s efforts are unlikely to be 100% effective in deleting information about the build of Marvel’s Wolverine, they should not lose in intensity. Despite being leaked recently, it has already created a community of modders who are investing in bug fixes and performance improvements.

In addition to the playable version of the game, the leak also revealed the number of sales of PlayStation exclusives and several other internal company data. Among them is that, despite having great success, Insomniac could end up cutting up to 75 employees in a near future.


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