To regular season VALUING ended after the end of the Champions 2023. Furthermore, many surprise moves among professional players to other organizations have occurred. With this, check out which were the biggest transfers for 2024.

VALORANT Transfers from 2023 to 2024

aspas – Leviathan

(Photo: Disclosure/Leviatán)

quotation marks is one of the best VALORANT players in the world! O player decided to leave LOUDwhere he was champion of the Champions 2022 and also of VCT Americas 2023. However, he left the Brazilian organization and will defend Leviathan next season.

yay – Bleed Esports

yay photo
(Photo: Riot Games)

yay, alongside quotes, was considered one of the best players in the world in 2021. He was runner-up in the Champions 2022 next to OpTic Gamingbut left the organization and joined Cloud9 for 2023. However, during the season, the player left the squad and went to a Tier 2 team.

Some people were uncertain that EL DIABLO would return to the Franchise League after having a bad year for DSG. In the end, the player assumed the position on the champion team of the VCT Ascension Pacific, BLEED for the 2024 squad.

ardiis – NAVI

Photo of ardiis, NRG player competing in VCT Americas 2023
(Photo: Riot Games)

hardy has been a competitive European player since 2020. His year of glory was in FPXwhere he remained in the 2021 squad at the end of 2022. However, the player decided to change things up and went to NRG no VCT Americas.

For 2024, ardiis returned to the region of EMEA and surprised everyone by returning to the continent. Furthermore, with the hiring of NAVI he rediscovered the core of FPX with his great friend angel1.

qck – LOUD

(Photo: Disclosure/LOUDgg)

To the surprise of many, another Brazilian also changed his route. qck was in FURY since the creation of VALORANT’s first competitive roster. However, after the arrival of the Franchise League, the Panthers did not perform at their best and the organization announced the player’s departure.

Em 2024, the player will wear one of the most famous shirts and in a prominent position as a LOUD duelist. After several tryouts and a peculiar announcement following a showmatch between the organization’s players, the young talent will be alongside the Champions 2022 double champion, Saadhak e Less.

Zellsis – Sentinels

Zellsis returns to Sentinels
(Photo: Disclosure/Zellsis)

From Cloud9 to Sentinelsthis was the fate of Zellsis, one of the most iconic VALORANT players for his jokes and reactions on social media. Furthermore, so far there is no information as to whether the player will join the starting squad or remain on the bench, as he was hired to be the sixth player.

Kick-off, the opening tournament of the year 2024 in the Franchise League

Finally, the kick-off, will take place in February. Each league will host an initial tournament to pit teams against each other to crown a winner and qualify for the Masters Madrid.

How to access the 2023 VAL Retrospective 2
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