Have you ever faced a Volibear top? If you have already, you may have realized that it is a struggle to face so much healing that the champion receives in W. But now you will know the Volibear Zombie which is even used by T1 Zeus in Korean ranked!

Volibear healing nonsense!

It all revolves around an exact interaction of runes and items, let’s start with the main rune: Cunning Hunt.

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

This rune will enable the interaction of the essential item: the Eternal Despairthe first item for the Zombie Volibear.

In the photo, the item Eternal Despair
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

This item deals magic damage every few seconds of fighting, and the Cunning Huntwhich decreases the Cooldown of item passives, causes this Magic Damage to happen more times – and each time it bateyou also treatment!

And the second item to complement the Volibear Zumbi: Spiritual Countenance

In the photo, the item Spiritual Semblance
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Your W heals, your item heals (and heals multiple times) and your E gives shield. How about enhancing all this in 25%?

What are the runes and items?

Your role is to be immortal, tank and heal all over again, so for your runes you will seek the most path of Life and Healing. Check out Voli Zumbi’s runes:

In the photo, the runes of the Zombie Volibear
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Revitalize boosts your healing and shields by 10%, the other runes are based on healing, apart from the Break down which has the premise of helping you get to the tower before reaching the Top.

In the items you will start with Anel de Doran and in the first B you will try to make a Tear of the Goddess, to make Winter Approach It is like Fimbulwinteryou will have a shield every time you hit the Q and the E (which already gives you shield).

Always close the build with defensive items such as: Limit of reason, Thorn Armor, Randuin’s Omen and others.

Volibear Zumbi Gameplay – Early Game

At level 1 you will want to avoid confrontation as much as possible and only farm with your E, at the second level, you will choose to have Q. When they exchange with you, respond to the exchange with a Q and E.

And here’s an important tip: when you activate Q, your E will not have animation, so taking advantage of the opponent returning from a close range exchange is a great option!

volibear skins dracomante prestigio
Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games

From level 2 onwards, you will have lane pressure due to Volibear’s passive ricocheting throughout the wave. If you don’t have information about the tank – take the opportunity to play your 2nd wave on the enemy’s tower, put a ward on the enemy bush and try to gank in the mid.

If the jungler appears in the bot, for example, take the opportunity to farm with a proxy: you take little damage and with five basic attacks you can hit the entire minion wave.

Volibear Zombie Gameplay – Mid Game

Your first item will be Eternal Despair, and you will always aim to make the Burning Gem and then complete the item’s recipe. The only exception is against champions with Magic Damage, then opt for Spiritual Semblance!

When you manage to fit the proxy, always try to take the enemy out of the wave. This means you don’t allow him to get XP and his items are very cheap, so it’s worth not farming a whole safe wave because the items are accessible.

With three items, you are a monster, but don’t forget: you want to fight. Volibear’s sidelane is ok, but this build is especially designed for you to heal constantly in a long fight.

Volibear Zombie Gameplay – Late Game

Don’t forget: you’re a zombie, but not literally immortal. You can’t do 1v5 and the CC’s are very bad, but always try to play at the limit of Eternal Despair – this can be greatly exploited with your passive and the cooldown of the item on the side, for example.

Skin Volibear
Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games

Volibear Zumbi General Reviews

You can match most of the Top fighters and you will still be able to tank much more than most of the Top picks today. The most unbearable counter in the build is Vayne, it has to be her main ban!

To check out more of the gameplay, just check out the video below:

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/lol-a-build-do-volibear-zumbi-esta-reinando-no-servidor-coreano

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