Last year was quite atypical when it comes to video games, as a wide variety of great games were released. It is not yet clear whether 2024 will replicate this same good phase, but we already have the first big name of the year: Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth.

The embargo on analyzes of the second part of the remake fell this Thursday (22), revealing that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth debuted with very high ratings on Metacriticremembering that the sequel will arrive on PS5 on February 29th.

At the time of publishing this text, the game has a respectable average of 93 points, based on 115 analyzes from specialized media around the world — all of which were positive. Furthermore, the sequence boasts no less than 40 maximum scores. What a moral, huh?

The great reception puts FF VII Rebirth in second place among the best-rated games in the franchise, behind only Final Fantasy IX — PS1 classic rated with an average of 94 points on the aggregator. This is the highest average in 23 years.

Furthermore, Rebirth It is the sixth game in the saga to have a score above 90 pointsstanding next to FF VI (92 points), FF VII original (92 points), FF VIII (90 points), FF IX (94 points), FF X (92 points) and FF XII (92 points).

What are media outlets saying about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

The main compliments to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth the experience is said to “evoke all kinds of emotions” in players — and some even claim the sequel is a “masterpiece.”

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth evoked all kinds of emotions in me, made me see my childhood friends as real people and allowed me to once again be part of a grand and challenging adventure that I haven’t seen since the days of PS1″, explains the journalist from Attack of the Fanboyresponsible for one of the game’s top 40 scores on Metacritic.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has the second highest rating in the franchise’s history.Source: PS Store

Already the Push Squarewhich gave it the lowest score (80 points), argues that the sequel “maintains all of the remake’s most important strengths [primeira parte]but it builds on an already brilliant combat system and stands out by presenting an iconic RPG setting.”

“If you liked the remake and have fond memories of the PS1 original, you’ll probably love every minute of the memorable adventure focused on the characters of Rebirth“, concluded the vehicle.

Voxel also praised Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

O Voxel, of course, would not be left out of this important moment for the franchise. In our analysis, we highlight several aspects of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, such as the rewarding exploration mechanics, the engaging combat system, the impeccable soundtrack and much more. If you want to know more, click on the link below to read the full review!

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