After defeat in LOS in the 12th round of CBLOL 2024, some prints circulated on the internet from Kakavel, one of the CEOs of the organization, insulting fans in a WhatsApp group. Obviously the conduct generated outrage among fans, who asked for his departure from the organization.

In an exclusive interview with More Esports, Terron, another LOS CEO spoke about the case and explained what happened for the situation to reach that point. The director also commented on the competitive LOS sector, learning at CBLOL and more!

Terron, are the prints that LOS fans released true?

The prints are true, and so, I will characterize this as a possible joke in bad taste by the fans and I think that I am particularly involved in this, I may even be to blame for this situation, because I am no longer using Twitter. Occasionally I use it on the computer, and I joined one of the various supporter groups we have, and the situation was hot as it was, right? Post-game, we lost to RED, and then I interacted with them and at a given moment, one of the fans gave the idea of ​​taking the group to Whatsapp and I didn’t see anything bad about it and I agreed and created it – and I think this bad joke happened I like.

One of the prints that LOS fans released (Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks)

They asked Kakavel a lot, who was already part of some groups, and Kakavel agreed. The group was created yesterday and didn’t even last 10 minutes, because Ale (Kakavel) joined, and the group already turned an attack on him. And then there were some very heavy things, and as it intensified and it exploded and went down the print route and I took Kakavel out to finish with the group. Then it was discovered, with some fans, that everything had been planned to bring Kakavel, irritate him until he exploded, and then post his reaction. So much so that they hid all their names and speeches, only showing Kakavel’s isolated speeches.

In the photo, Alexandre Peres (Kakavel), curses the fans
One of the prints that LOS fans released. (Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks)

The LOS fans are very good in some aspects, but there is also a very toxic part, which does a lot of things for likes. Sometimes the toxicity went to other fans and we tried to resolve it, and I think it’s a bit of childishness on the part of the fans to not want certain pieces – before CBLOL started, the fans expressed that they didn’t want Celo.

In the photo, Alexandre Peres (Kakavel), curses the fans
One of the prints that LOS fans released. (Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks)

Will any action be taken against LOS Kakavel?

Kakavel is a partner at LOS, so there’s no chance of him leaving today.

The CEO also continues to highlight the importance do Kakavel for to LOS:

He has a very important role within the organization, he works actively together with the Head of esports, for each modality, he monitors the day-to-day sports, this is his responsibility. Maybe he will remain a little less active when it comes to interacting with the public, just as I have done a lot and EL GATO himself, who is the third partner, has also done. The championships themselves, the modalities, produce a lot of content, and we will let this content be the main communication content, and when there is something very important we use the organization’s channels to communicate. But we are going to enter a period of silence, we are going to force this a little, as it is affecting the day-to-day running of the organization, the people inside, and performance. If something that was supposed to be positive is being negative, it’s time to review it a little.

Partners of Los Grandes
Kakavel, El Gato and TErron, partners and advisors at LOS (Image: Disclosure/Los)

Community reaction to LOS Kakavel’s comment

After the prints that were already shown in the article, some LOS figures went public to express their feelings, as did the fans. Check out some reactions:

LOS and CBLOL 2024

The LOS team at CBLOL 2024 is still fighting for playoffs, and came out 1-1 last weekend. The team is tied with Fluxo, with five wins and seven losses, and is looking for the 6th place to have a chance in the knockout stages.

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In the photo, Rodrigo Terron in an exclusive interview with Mais Esports
Rodrigo Terron during an exclusive interview with Mais Esports (Photo: Mais Esports)


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