Smolder, the new LoL champion, has already had his abilities revealed. Your design “solution” It sparked a huge debate in the League community and Riot listened to the community. In the champion’s second trailer, he already presented changes to the character’s appearance.

Community wanted Smolder to look more like a Dragon

On Reddit, among the various criticisms, one comment highlighted the champion’s most “human” details – which sparked outrage among one of the fans:

I hate this humanization, he really had to look like a dragon, he looks like he came out of an animated film where the dragons have nice faces and the dragons have to look like monsters

Riot listened and absorbed this feedback, trying to bring the dragon closer to something more “scaly” e “draconic”.

Appeal for the grotesque

Still, the criticism didn’t stop there. It’s not new that League of Legends fans have been asking for a champion with a monster design, like Cho’Gathand fewer animated creatures.

Another debate on Reddit revolved around this topic, check out the comments:

I lost all my hope in this last dragon champion. I really wanted an UGLY MONSTER champion, Rek’Sai is the perfect example for that. I want to be like: RAAAAAAH and ARGHHH. I want to feel like a monster.

Wasted chances

Another discussion on the platform, with more than a thousand likes, considered that the new champion’s design was a wasted opportunity.

According to the user, Smolder could be a different dragon – although there is already a Chinese dragon (Aurelion Sol) and medieval-style dragons (Shyvana and Elemental Dragons).

Riot’s recent attempt to make a monster champion

It’s worth remembering that Naafiri, released on March 17, 2023, was Riot’s most recent attempt to launch a champion with a monstrous and murderous design. However, the community considers the champion a failure, due to her low popularity.

When does Smolder launch in League

Smolder will be released on patch 14.3, marked for the February 7th. See all Season 2024 patch dates.

See other news announced by Riot this Friday (6):


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