This Saturday (06/01), the grand final of the Demacia Cup took place, the Chinese pre-season championship between Bilibili Gaming (BLG) e Jingdong Gaming (JDG). After quick clashes, BLG became champions 3-0.

BLG is Demacia Cup champion and Knight is MVP

In his first championship with BLG, mid-laner Knight applied the “ex law” expressively. The player played an impactful role in the three games of the series, in addition to being the biggest source of damage in the three matches.

After crushing individually, the player won the Finals MVP award.

End of the BLG parish?

For the first time, Bilibili beat JDG in a best of 5 (MD5). There were 3 opportunities: Demacia Cup in 2017, LPL play-off final in 2023 and the MSI final in the same year.

And it wasn’t just between teams that BLG had a bad record. Elk, the ADC of Bilibili, I had never won a series – whether MD3 or MD5 – against Ruler, the JDG ADC. There were nine meetings in best of 5, and in the tenth, the Elk had their revenge.

  • LPL 1st split 2023: 1-2 for Ruler
  • LPL Playoffs 1st split 2023: 2-3 for Ruler
  • LPL 1st split 2023 final: 1-3 for Ruler
  • MSI 2023: 0-3 for Ruler
  • MSI 2023 Final: 1-3 for Ruler
  • LPL 2nd split 2023: 0-2 for Ruler
  • LPL Playoffs 2nd split 2023: 0-3 for Ruler
  • Asian Games: 0-2 for Ruler
  • 2023 World Cup: 0-1 for Ruler
  • Demacia Cup 2023: 3-0 for o Elk

JDG didn’t come with a full line-up

Something that needs to be highlighted is that, because it is a pre-season championship, some teams do not play with their starting lineup – and this was the case with JDG.

The team included newcomers Sheer and Maggie, to replace newcomer Flandre, and Kanavi, MSI champion and multi-time Chinese champion. The players, even though they are part of the Academy, were fundamental pieces in the competition to take JDG to the grand final.

When does LPL 2024 1st split start?

Now the Chinese LoL is on break, but fans can rest assured that it is short. The first LPL split starts on January 15th.

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