On the same day that the original version of Mickey Mouse entered the public domain, a studio called Nightmare Forge announced that it will transform him into the villain of a horror game. Last Monday (1st), the developer announced Infestation 88, which will challenge the public to deal with a deadly rat infestation.

The trailer released by the developer shows a series of exterminators using a lethal gas to eliminate rats that have taken over an abandoned warehouse. However, they are not the only threat in the place: a gigantic figure also lives there and is ready to defend his companions.

“This game is inspired by works that are now in the public domain. This independent creation was not authorized, sponsored or otherwise endorsed by any original authors of such works”, state the creators of Infestation 88. They also make it clear that the Mickey used is based on the one present in the Steamboat Willie animation.

Infestation 88 will be a cooperative horror

Nightmare Forge describes its new project as a cooperative title with episodic features. In it, 1 to 4 players will explore different phases in search of mysterious infestations that come with unexpected threats. To win, you will need to discover where the animals appear and the best way to defeat them.

Mickey won’t be the only monster in Infestation 88Source: Disclosure/Nightmare Forge Games

In addition to the classic version of Mickey Mouse, the developer also intends to use “a distinct classic character or urban legend” in each chapter of the game. This means that characters like Pooh, who is also in the public domain, will be able to be part of the experience’s cast.

Scheduled for release sometime in 2024, Infestation 88 will initially only reach Steam Early Access. According to its creators, this will allow it to be improved with help from the community over a period of 6 to 12 months. The full version promises even more infestations, equipment and bizarre enemies to face.

Controversy involving Nazism

In addition to transforming Mickey Mouse into a monster, the game is also causing controversy on social media. After the game’s presentation and repercussion, the studio behind the project was accused of hiding allusions to Nazism in Infestation 88.

One of the clues would be in the name of the game itself, which has the number 88, widely used to represent Nazi doctrine. Furthermore, the use of a toxic gas was also seen by some Twitter users (X) as a possible Nazi connotation.

Game with Mickey Mouse announced after the character entered the public domain.Game with Mickey Mouse announced after the character entered the public domain.Fonte:  Night Forge

In a statement sent to My city, Nightmare Forge Games said that the game does not contain anti-Semitic references and it was all a coincidence. The company said it was not aware of possible neo-Nazi links when choosing the game’s name and theme.

“Our game is set in the 1980s, with the year 1988 being chosen simply for its symmetrical design in the game’s art,” says the studio. “Therefore, the 88 strictly represents the year 1988; no additional connotations are intended. We are in the process of reviewing this work to clarify the abbreviation. If there are still concerns, we are open to changing the name of the game.”

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Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/voxel/275486-jogo-terror-mickey-mouse-anunciado-rende-polemicas.htm

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