After Riot Games’ recent changes to punishments and the ping system, players vented on Reddit about what the LoL experience is currently like. According to them, playing the game has been very lonely.

In the publication, one of the players points out that the developer inhibits forms of communication between teammates, which are currently minimal, even with pings in play, which results in fewer and fewer meaningful interactions between players.

Other players report the same lonely experience

In the same post, some other social network users felt comfortable expressing their feelings about LoL at this current moment. One thing in common that everyone complains about is, without a doubt, the lack of communication.

Today, LoL doesn’t have any kind of robust interaction between teammates, unless they are playing together and they can only do that up to the DM, or they write in the in-game text chat. In other games, for example, it is possible to communicate with your partners by voice.

Another point to make is that, sometimes, the player does not have much power of action to win matches, unless they are far above their rank. For example, they commented that, if there is a troll on their team, the team will hardly have the patience to play anyway and try to win the game.

LoL is a sport, but it also has casual players

Another view discussed is that Riot Games built League of Legends so that it would truly be a sport, that has competition and is considered high performance. However, according to some complaints, the developer seems to have forgotten that casual players exist.

In other words, people who play together to have fun and not exclusively to try to make an effort or something like that. Finally, they also commented on the bad matchmaking and how trolls and smurfs disrupt the experience for players who want to progress in the game casually.

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