As skins Hextech do LoL represent an exclusive and coveted category within the League of Legends universe. With a unique and detailed design, these skins bring a futuristic design to champions of Piltover e Fence.

Just 20 champions received Hextech skins no LoL, e o More Esports prepared a list with all of them to show you how the exclusive customizations turned out.

Curiosities about Hextech skins

  • All Hextech skin champions are old in League, released in 2009, 2010 or 2011.
  • Hextech artifacts were created in Pilltover and Zaun.
  • These Hextech artifacts are also the central theme of Arcane, the League animated series.
  • These skins were discontinued in 2022, with the arrival of the Mythical Essence system.
  • The equivalent skins are now the Mythical Skins.

Todas as skins Hextech no LoL

Below, you can see the complete list of all LoL champions with Hextech skins:

  • Hextech Annie
  • Hextech Janna
  • Hextech Jarvan IV
  • Hextech Kassadin
  • Hextech Malzahar
  • Hextech Poppy
  • Hextech Sejuani
  • Hextech Singed
  • Hextech Swain
  • Hextech Tristana
  • Hextech Ziggs
  • Hextech Alistar
  • Hextech Amumu
  • Hextech Anivia
  • Hextech Galio
  • Hextech Kog’Maw
  • Hextech Nocturne
  • Hextech Rammus
  • Hextech Renekton
  • Hextech Sion

Now at the forefront of science and art, Hextech has evolved from its rudimentary beginnings into a modern renaissance of intricate artificial life forms capable of free will. Skilled inventors lead the medium into a bold new future – but what it will bring, no one can say.

Ziggs Hextech

Imagem: Riot Games

Tristana Hextech

Skins Hextech Tristana-min
Imagem: Riot Games

Swain Hextech

Skins Hextech Swain-min
Imagem: Riot Games

Sejuani Hextech

Skins Hextech Sejuani-min
Imagem: Riot Games

Renekton Hextech

Skins Hextech Renekton-min
Imagem: Riot Games

Rammus Hextech

Imagem da skin Rammus Hextec no LoL
Imagem: Riot Games

Poppy Hextech

Skins Hextech Poppy
Imagem: Riot Games

Nocturne Hextech

Skins Hextech Nocturne
Imagem: Riot Games

Malzahar Hextech

Skins Hextech Malzahar
Imagem: Riot Games

Kog’Maw Hextech

Imagem da skin Kow'maw Hextec no LoL
Imagem: Riot Games

Kassadin Hextech

  Skins Hextec Kassadin
Imagem: Riot Games

Jarvan IV Hextech

Skins Hextech Jarvan IV
Imagem: Riot Games

Annie Hextech

Skins Hextech Annie-min
Imagem: Riot Games

Amumu Hextech

Skins Hextech Amumu-min
Imagem: Riot Games

Alistar Hextech

Skins Hextech Alistar-min
Imagem: Riot Games

Anivia Hextech

skins Hextec Anivia
Imagem: Riot Games

Galio Hextech

skins Hextec Sion Galio
Imagem: Riot Games

Janna Hextech

skins Hextec Janna
Imagem: Riot Games

Singed Hextech

skins Hextec Singed
Imagem: Riot Games

Sion Hextech

skins Hextec Sion
Imagem: Riot Games

How to buy Hextech skins in LoL?

To buy Hextech skins in LoL you need to collect Mythical Essences, one of the rarest loot in the game. Previously, these skins were compared to Gems, which were disabled in 2022.

It is worth remembering that not all Hextech skins are available for sale for Mythical Essence, as the store updates from patch to patch with only a few cosmetics.

How much does a Hextech skin cost?

Generally the Hextech skins cost 100 Mythic Essence, with the price may vary depending on the rarity. Not all are available in the store during rotations.

It is worth noting that it is not possible to buy Mythical Essence with RP (Riot Points). The only way to earn them is by leveling up, completing missions and opening capsules.

Mythical essence store with Hextech skins in League
(Image: Reproduction/LoL)

Did you like the Hextech line skins in LoL? Riot has several other lines of rare skins that only appear in the store at specific times or are not even sold. Below, check out some of them:

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