When Riot announced the new LoL champion, the Hey, the developer promised that this would be a champion artist with “complex” mechanics. Apparently, this objective was achieved.

Hwei debuted with a very low win rate

The champion’s first week was hazy, which is common with all newcomers to the game. However, the visionary went further and had a negative record with less than 31% is win rate nas rows Platinum +.

One of the names in the community that sees bugs and trends, Vandirilpointed out at the time the decreasing number and also added that the muscle memory of other characters does not help with Hwei.

He even suggested that they disabled the champion for a few days, so that players could learn his mechanics.

Help for the artistic class

With the community’s clear difficulties, Riot provided several buffs to Hwei. The specific change has already brought significant improvements to the Rift artist.

If you look for the same number as the champion today (03/01), almost a month later, we see an improvement of 16%, as he has around 46% win rate. However, the champion still has the lowest win rate percentage among all LoL champions.

(Image: Disclosure/LoL)

Requires skill to be an artist on rift

If you look even harder, you can see that the current buffs have improved the character more markedly in the higher links. In the queues Master +Hwei has 49% win rate, but it still remains as a lantern.

An optimistic projection for enthusiasts is that in the Challenging, highest link in the game, the champion already has 51% win rate – that is – he wins more than half of the games and is not the one who wins the least!

Hwei has a promising future

Hwei could be one of the most explored champions from January 9th, as new changes will arrive in LoL, such as items, modified map and even Pilotable Herald and others.

So, if you’ve already discarded the painter because of the first issues, it’s worth waiting and giving your art another chance!

Image of the Hwei Blessing of Winter skin in LoL
(Image: Disclosure/LoL)

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/lol-hwei-e-o-campeao-com-a-menor-taxa-de-vitoria-do-jogo

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