It’s not new that games have an easy mode (or Easy for those who prefer the language in English). It is present in the difficulty options so that everyone has the chance to enjoy the game’s content, but in some cases producers end up mocking those who choose to advance in the journey in this way.

Therefore, we will list in this special made by the team at Voxel some games that don’t spare any fun for those who choose to play in easy mode. Check it out below.

1. Ninja Gaiden Black

Ayane will never stop remembering her lack of skill when playing on easy mode. (Source: Lenovo)Source: Lenovo/Reproduction

Let’s start with a game from the franchise Ninja Gaidenwhich since its first game on Nintendinho was already known for presenting a high degree of difficulty in its stages.

Not case of Ninja Gaiden Black, the player has the option to choose to play in easy mode. However, if you do this you will be forced to wear a purple ribbon on your wrist throughout the entire journey, not to mention the fact that Ayane will be teasing you all the time saying who “absurdly underestimated him” and the like.

2. Streets of Rage 3

Some fighting games (in this case, a beat’em up) also have an option to play on easy, and there is no problem in doing so. However, in Streets of Rage 3 you need to prepare yourself to realize that this will not help you much on the journey.

For those who choose to follow the easy mode, the game ends two phases early, and you still need to see the boss of phase 5 mocking you after being defeated saying that “you play this game as a beginner”. In other words: the only chance to see the end of the game is to face the journey once again at least at the Medium level.

3. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The franchise Metal Gear It’s another one that ends up valuing more tactical and stealthy advancement in many moments, but not everyone adapts to this style and ends up dying countless times in the same section until they find a way out.

However, dying many times in the same section takes its toll. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: win a chicken hat, which helps you hide from enemies easier and reduces your score at the end of the level. Although, if things are still complicated and continue to die, the chicken hat is exchanged for a chick hat which leaves you practically invisible and resets your score at the end.

4. Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal 2 won't be cheap if you decide to play on easy mode.  (Source: YouTube)Twisted Metal 2 won’t be cheap if you decide to play on easy mode. (Source: YouTube)Fonte:  YouTube/Stressball13

Twisted Metal 2 It’s a game that has an easy mode, and there’s no problem selecting it — unless, of course, you don’t mind receiving a message with the STOP sign and the phrase “no losers from this point on” right after it. defeat the first boss.

5. Contra 4

The series Contra It’s another one of those cases of love and hate, as any mistake can put your progress at risk in this game in the classic you against everyone style. Contra 4 I even tried to take it a little easier in this regard with the easy mode option, but there is a price if you decide to play like that.

As you progress through stage 7, you’ll notice that the stage will simply go on a little longer than usual. When he finally reaches the end of it, he is presented with the phrase “you will never reach the end by playing easy”. In other words: you need to go back and choose at least Medium to actually finish the game.

6. Earthworm Jim

Anyone who lived through the golden age of 16-bit consoles must certainly remember Earthworm Jima classic game in which we control a worm capable of using a spacesuit to detonate anyone who gets in its way.

As it is a higher difficulty game, many people decided to continue the game by opting for the easy mode. Nonetheless, If you do this, you will be presented with a beautiful text containing interesting facts about earthworms. instead of enjoying the game’s true ending.

7. Wolfenstein

Will your dad let you play Wolfenstein on easy mode?  (Source: YouTube)Will your dad let you play Wolfenstein on easy mode? (Source: YouTube)Fonte:  YouTube

Finally, let’s close this list with Wolfensteinwhich already trolls the player right on the difficulty selection screen: If you choose to play on the easiest mode, you will notice that the protagonist will have a baby face and even a pacifier in his mouth, mocking the player’s ability to stay alive throughout the journey at a higher level.

And you, do you remember more games that make fun of you for playing on easy mode? Share your message with other readers of Voxel using our social networks.


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