The first split of LCK 2024 It starts on January 17th. However, Koreans will receive the Rule The Rifta competition that takes place on January 9th, and will usher in changes to Summoner’s Rift in 2024.

In the event, players will compete for the best function in the game. Who is more mechanical? Which function is the smartest? Who applies diff? That’s what we’ll see!

Times do Rule the Rift na LCK 2024

Each role team had its captain decided by popular vote: Faker (Mid), Oner (Jungle), Dig it up (Support), Zeus (Top) e Deft (Bot).

The captains chose among the LCK players who would play on their team, with a simple rule: it had to be their own role. Check out how the teams fared:


The photo does not confirm which player will play in which role, but rather the order of those chosen in the draft. The current world champion and most voted captain, Faker, told us a little about what LCK fans can expect:

“I HOPE WE HAVE A BALANCED CHAMPIONSHIP. I’ll make sure it’s fun.”

The event is similar to the Season Kickoff 2023, which also had its Brazilian version. For now, we still don’t know if CBLOL, which starts on the 20th, will also have some competition to open the 2024 Season in LoL.

Image to illustrate the Rule The Rift event at LCK 2024
(Image: Disclosure/LCK)
Sergio Fiorini
published in January 3, 2024


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