Registration for the qualifiers of the CBLOL Academy 2024 have already started. Now there will be 12 teams in the competition, instead of 10.

These two new teams will be integrated into the competition cycle starting from the open qualifying stages. The first stage starts on the 13th and runs until January 16th.

Form to participate in the CBLOL Academy qualifiers

Both qualifiers will be carried out by the Tier 3 (T3) championship organizer, the League GGwhich has already announced the registration form for the first competition.

Organizations have until the 10th to fill out the entry form, which can be found on the competition’s social networks.

It is worth remembering that, although CBLOL teams are not obliged to participate in the Academy, they all chose to continue in the competition. Additionally, they can also have a third team participate in the tryout, as long as it is inclusive.

Teams have a limit on veteran players

It is worth remembering that the format of the CBLOL Academy 2024 open tryouts does not allow a team to have more than two “veteran” players in the line-up. Veterans are considered to be those who are 24 years of age or older and have been selected in at least 19 games in any Stage of the CBLOL.

Open selection format

Each qualifier will have 128 places, in addition to a waiting list, and all matches will be in Md3 format (best of three matches) – with the exception of the final, played in Md5.

The teams that place among the top 8 in the competition will receive Circuit Points. The teams that accumulate the most Circuit Points at the end of the two qualifiers will be the new Academy representatives.

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CBLOL Academy 2024 qualifier dates

  • Open Qualifier 1: January 13th to 16th (starts at 6pm)
  • Open Qualifier 2: January 19th to 22nd (starts at 6pm)

It has not yet been announced when registration for the second open selection will open.

When does CBLOL Academy 2024 start?

The CBLOL Academy will start on the day February 5th, a few days after the main championship, CBLOL 2024, which starts on January 20th. The competition will start in full swing with a confrontation between LOUD vs KaBuM; see the game calendar.

In the image you can see the CBLOL Academy trophy, displayed in the 2023 final
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Sergio Fiorini
published in January 3, 2024


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