This week, the Steam is full of news for those who are looking free games. From 2D platform shooters to worlds of psychological horror, the current selection offers an impressive variety that promises to please all types of gamers.

Whether facing challenges in lonely towers, exploring humor-filled islands, or diving into strategic battles in magical kingdoms, there’s something new and exciting for every play style. Check it out below!


Counterpact is a 2D platformer and shooter that offers a dynamic experience for both solo and team players. Launched by Little Egg Basket, it stands out for its character customization mechanics and variety of weapons. Each of the seven available creatures has unique abilities, such as Shiniko the Reaper, which, despite having low health, can cause significant damage with short-range attacks and also has dodging abilities.

Another figure, SYS.TR the Bulwark, can convert incoming damage into powerful auras. The game also offers more than 200 cosmetic items, which can be acquired by playing, without the need for microtransactions. In addition to multiplayer mode, Counterpact features the Gilded Spire solo challenge, in which players face enemies and traps across four different floors, with the option to increase the difficulty for greater rewards.

To redeem it for free, simply access the Steam page and click “Play”.

Notes To Myself

Em Notes To Myself, we are immersed in a world of first-person psychological horror, in which the line between reality and nightmare is thin and disturbing. The journey begins with writing a note, triggering a series of events in an environment that oscillates between the real world, nightmares and the player’s operating system. In this unsettling scenario, it is necessary to navigate and escape the incarnations of the worst fears, using flashlights, activating switches and escaping from demons.

It challenges the perception of pain and reality, questioning whether the experienced world is just a distortion of what is real or a fantasy fueled by sedatives. With the possibility of restarting the gameplay, it offers temporary relief, but also the uncertainty of being eternally stuck until the next update.

To redeem it for free, simply access the page on Steam and click “Play”.


Hypersomnia is an action game that offers a top-down shooter experience that challenges strategic and quick reaction skills. It allows you to face friends in intense duels or participate in larger clashes between clans, providing a competitive atmosphere. One of the most notable aspects is the integrated map editor, which allows personalized scenario creation, expanding tactical options and replayability.

With mechanics focused on direct combat and quick decisions, the title presents an approach that values ​​both individual skill and team coordination. Its free nature and open source are also points of interest, inviting the community to contribute and shape the gaming experience.

To redeem it for free, simply access the Steam page and click “Play”.

Me Me Heroes

Me Me Heroes offers an experience set on the picturesque Moi Moi Island. In it, participants are invited to embark on a journey full of challenges and humor, in which the objective is to find and return King Moi Moi’s crown. The island serves as a vibrant setting for adventures full of energy and comedy.

It stands out for its visual and thematic style, which mixes elements of chaos and fun in a creative way. The premise is simple, but promises entertainment through a playful and relaxed approach, ideal for those looking for a light experience full of laughter.

To redeem it for free, simply access the Steam page and click “Play”.

Fairytale Fables

Fairytale Fables is a strategy and auto-battle experience that immerses participants in a magical world where fairy tales and legends meet. At the start of each match, it is essential to carefully choose a hero, as each one offers different gameplay. Participants earn gold to purchase characters and items, cast spells, and find treasure during the purchase phase, and then watch their choices come to life in automatic fights.

A core mechanic of the game is finding three copies of a character to create a stronger version and obtain a potent treasure of your level. Mastering this is crucial to excel in this turn-based strategy title set in a mythical kingdom.

To redeem it for free, simply access the Steam page and click “Play”.


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