To the fans of Karmine Corp (KC), by LEC 2024, avoir le cafard! Or “it hit bad”, after all the team was unhappy six defeats in six gamesand it is clear that the rival fans did not forgive the KC fans.

Karmine Corp much loved and hated

For those who don’t know the LEC environment, Karmine Corp is a French organization, with a huge following. And like all good big fans, she is hated by everyone else.

(Image: Disclosure/Karmine)

So of course, one KC fan’s outburst is accompanied by three memes from other fans. Let’s see some reactions:

To be honest, I think it’s hilarious, especially since their fan base is huge.

He quotes a FNATIC fan about the team’s situation and another fan comments:

Hearing a packed crowd shouting for a team to succeed and for it to be stomped and finish 0-6 is pure fun

Another fan attributed karma to Karmine:

This is karma for booing Faker in the Red Bull championship. I find it amusing how Karmine Corp is going from bad to worse.

Faker got BOOed by EU crowd during the Redbull event
byu/BlastedEuro inleagueoflegends

Another member of the community also adds about the same event:

They booed Movistar Riders (LEC) also in the EMEA final in Montpellier. Frankly, seeing the behavior of these fans, I really want them to lose everything.

Another critic comments:

There was no punishment more deserved than this for this crowd.

Another community member comments that it is strange to see the team playing:

It’s kind of strange to see how the players are performing, as there’s no synergy. Like, the Top, Mid and Support were already from Karmine Corp, weren’t they? They had to come up with some kind of strategy or group play.

Upcoming clashes

Although critics love it, Karmine Corp can still turn around its bad streak. The team’s next match takes place this Saturday (27), against Rogue, which only has one victory in the competition.

Will the French get out of this bad phase? To find out, follow the complete coverage of LEC 2024 1° split with game calendar, results, table, statistics and other information here on More Esports!


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