Last Tuesday (23), in an Ultraliga match, a European league, two imports: kylin e Odin went viral on social media for trolling. This Wednesday (24) the league issued a note emphasizing that the two would be suspended.

Ultraliga imports trollam competitive game

The scenes took place in the match between Iron Wolves, the import team, against Team ESCA Gaming, which went viral on Reddit. Check out the lack of commitment and even using the players’ skills in the videos below.

With the game won, Jayce (Odin) decides to do the old man alone

Jayce (Odin) doesn’t fight, he prefers to hit an inhibitor and then throw himself at the enemy team

Lee Sin (kylin) with Dragon Soul and Elder Dragon playing in the enemy base and spending his own flash for nothing

Jayce (Odin) doesn’t use a single skill in the fight

Ultraliga speaks out regarding the case of trolls

The organization of the European league, Ultraliga, released a note this Wednesday warning of the punishment. Check out excerpts:

In order to clarify the events that occurred during yesterday’s match (23/01) between Iron Wolves and Team ESCA Gaming, we have decided to suspend players Wen “kylin” Zheng and Shuai “Odin” Wang for the next two games. This suspension also results in today’s match against being missed by default, as Iron Wolves do not have the players to fill their spots. This is the maximum penalty we as a league can impose on players.

In the opinion of the judges and league representatives, the performance of “kylin” and “Odin” in yesterday’s match violated Section 17.1.1. of the ERL (EMEA Regional League) regulations, which states: “Teams are expected to play their best at all times of any League match and to avoid any behavior that potentially threatens the real or perceived integrity of the competition or that is otherwise inconsistent with the principles of good sportsmanship, honesty or fair play.”

It was also informed through the same note that Ultraliga, in cooperation with Riot Games and Sportradar, will conduct a simultaneous investigation to determine whether there was match manipulation by individuals.

The note ends with the confirmation that Iron Wolves, despite having been penalized, cooperated with the league’s investigations.

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games
Sergio Fiorini
published in January 24, 2024edited a day ago


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