A KT Rolster is becoming a sensation in LCK 2024! The team took the Gen.G and leadership of the competition and in the round on 16/02, when facing the Nongshim Redforcea KT made a choice surprising.

KT makes surprising choice

KT jungler Pyosik made a pick that got a lot of attention in the LCK: Rammus! Check the numbers:

Rammus didn’t appear in the LCK for 3.740 diasuntil Pyosik consecrates another victory for Tatu Bola!

Is KT’s Rammus NA Rammus?

In the post-game press conference, the world champion and team’s ADC, Deft, said that jungler Pyosik already had the idea of ​​choosing the champion since he arrived on the team:

Pyosik insists in every scrim (training) that he learned to play Rammus when he was in NA and then he always wins when he is Rammus. So we decided to give him a chance to play today.

And he didn’t waste the opportunity!

Photo: Reproduction/LCK Flickr

Is Pyosik evolving?

KT’s jungler doesn’t just live in NA or Rammus! The player played a spectacular match against Gen.G that took the current champion out of the lead. Thanks to Pyosik, T1 fans can celebrate their leadership. See the numbers of the KT jungler’s performance against Chovy and his allies:

In the photo, the numbers from KT game 1 in which Pyosik destroyed Gen.G
Image: Reproduction/GolGG
In the photo, the numbers from KT game 2 in which Pyosik destroyed Gen.G
Image: Reproduction/GolGG

KT having a good time!

If you are a fan of KT from Deft and BeryL, the team is having a great time. You can check out everything about the team’s good phase in the complete coverage of LCK 2024 with game calendar, results, table and other information here on More Esports!

In the photo, KT celebrates the victory, after jungler Pyosik acts as Rammus
Photo: Reproduction/LCK Flickr
Sergio Fiorini
published in February 16, 2024

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