Remaking classic games has become a very profitable formula in the gaming world. Many producers, instead of investing in new franchises, or chapters of established series, are creating new versions of classic titles, to please fans, and at the same time avoid losses with a not-so-profitable game.

Therefore, in 2023 and in the coming years, we will see classic franchises being remade again, such as The Witcher e Alone in The Dark. In other cases, specific titles in a series will be remade with current technologies, such as Silent Hill 2 e Metal Gear Solid 3 Delta.

Today Voxel brings a list of main remakes coming soon to consoles and PC. Check out!

1. The Witcher

In November last year, CD Projekt Red shocked the world by revealing that the remake of the first game in the franchise The Witcher is under development. According to the company, it will be an open-world single player RPG, with a strong focus on narrative, that is, nothing very different from what the series presents in its chapters, and will use Unreal Engine 5.

The Witcher will get a remake of its first chapterSource: CD Projekt Red

However, this remake should take a long time to reach stores. The company itself has already stated that the remake will only be released after Polariscodename that has been given to the new game in the franchise, and which will be the first in a new trilogy.

2. Alone in the Dark

Although a remake of the game was already released in 2008, this time it will be a reimagining of the first chapter of the franchise. This is because, when a new version was released 15 years ago, many elements were changed, mainly the plot that brought a more current story, in addition to the protagonist Edward Carnby himself, who had long hair and a darker posture.

Alone in the DarkAlone in the DarkSource: Steam

The new game will feature none other than David Harbour, actor from Stranger Things e Grand Tourism, in the role of Carnby. In addition to him, players will also be able to control the character Emily Hartwood. The title will bring a story more faithful to the original game, with a very long campaign, lasting around 10 hours for each protagonist. Alone in the Dark will be released in 2024 for Xbox Series S/X, PS5 and PC.

3. Splinter Cell

The remake of Ubisoft’s spy franchise has been a soap opera for a long time. This is because, for many years, there was always an expectation of an official announcement of the game during the company’s conferences at E3. It was only in November last year, as part of the franchise’s 20th anniversary celebrations, that the first images were revealed and, of course, confirmation of the game being developed.

Splinter CellSplinter CellFonte:  Ubisoft

However, since then, there has been no news about how this process is going. Even at its conference during Summer Game Fest 2023, held last month, there was no mention of the franchise. To top it off, there are a series of rumors that point to the cancellation of the project, and a shift of the team responsible for developing it to a new game.

4. Silent Hill 2

One of the most iconic chapters in Konami’s horror franchise will soon get a remake. However, unlike other games in the genre that have received a new version, such as Resident Evil 2, it will have major changes. According to rumors, it will have a duration 100% longer than the original, as well as changes to the gameplay and story.

Silent Hill 2Silent Hill 2Source: Steam

But the remake will not be the only one in the franchise. After many years without any release, Konami is preparing two more titles in addition to Silent Hill 2. Silent Hill: Ascension will be a kind of interactive series, where it will be possible to choose the plot’s outcome, similar to games like Erica e Her Story. In addition to Silent Hill Fwhich will be set in 1960s Japan, and will have a mysterious fungus as the main element of the story.

5. Metal Gear Solid 3 Delta

Another specific chapter, from a famous franchise, that will get a remake is Metal Gear Solid 3. Originally directed by Hideo Kojima, who is no longer part of the company, the game will be a reimagining of the classic. To do this, it will feature cutting-edge graphics and specific changes to the gameplay.

Metal Gear Solid 3 DeltaMetal Gear Solid 3 DeltaSource: Konami

At the same time, many original elements will be maintained, such as the return of the characters’ original voice actors. And to the delight of fans, this will be just the first game in the original quadrilogy that will be completely remastered. And although there is no set date yet, Konami has guaranteed that it will be released in 2023 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

6. Max Payne 1 e 2

In this case it’s not just one remake, but two. The first games in the franchise Max Payne will get a new version and will arrive together on consoles and PC. Remedy, the famous studio responsible for the game, is working on the project for the titles, which originally arrived in the world in 2001 and 2003, respectively.

Max PayneMax PayneSource: Steam

Although some rumors still point to a very early phase of the project, which includes a statement to investors about this status, the company maintains the plan to release the collection together with its other major game in development: Alan Wake 2. It is worth remembering that this, in turn, has already been confirmed for release on October 17, 2023.

7. Persona 3 Reload

The famous RPG game will also get a remake very soon. Persona 3 Reload It will be a version with current graphics, and specific changes to the gameplay, such as more combat options than in the PSP version.

Persona 3 ReloadPersona 3 ReloadSource: Atlus

Furthermore, Atlus itself confirmed a less punitive system for its players. The idea is to make the game more inclusive than the original version. This element was one of the many feedbacks from the game’s own community, which are helping the remake to be even better.

And in your opinion, what is the most anticipated remake in the coming months? Tell us on Voxel’s social media!

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