A Team SMG debuted with victory this Tuesday (28) against Evil Geniuses for 2 to 0 no Game Changers Championship 2023. Furthermore, the APAC cast caught the community’s attention after bringing a completely unusual composition.

The winning team brought a composition with four duelists in Lótus, namely: Phoenix, Raze, Reyna, Neon and with the help of Cypher.

See the community’s reaction to the choice of Team SMG

Team SMG talks about the composition at Lótus

The story behind the composition was a huge mistake in composition and understanding. At the press conference, ENERGY explained that the decision to have these agents was a misunderstanding.

This is because the players thought it was just a ping test, but in the end they decided to play with the agents and adapted.

To be honest it was a mistake in choosing, we thought it was a ping test/rehearsal and we didn’t know and so, we simply chose four duelists. Therefore, as it was our mistake we decided to accept it and continue playing. I believe we managed to take it very well and made things work.

Team SMG enfrenta a G2 Gozen no Game Changers Championship

Team SMG faces this Wednesday (29) the G2 Gozen who won the Team Liquid 2-0. With that, the players remain in the upper bracket. Furthermore, Liquid has a match scheduled on Thursday against EG.

(Photo: Disclosure/Team SMG)

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