The players from Team Liquid cited nervousness and anxiety after the defeat against G2 Gozen this Tuesday (28). With the defeat, the Brazilian team fell to lower in the Game Changers Championship 2023, an inclusive world championship of VALUING.

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At the press conference, Daikicaptain of Team Liquid, admitted that nervousness allowed her opponents, G2 Gozen, to dominate the match.

“Going to the hotel now, we will review the mistakes we made. Inside the game, I still don’t have a good and clear vision of what happened, we’re still going to review it. For the next game we will apply the things we saw to try to improve.”

I still don’t have a good, clear picture of what happened.

bizerra shares difficulty communicating

beard shared that, despite recognizing G2’s strength, the team was not worried about their opponents and was focused on their own performance. She recognized the difficulties in the confrontation against the current world champion.

I believe that, in this game, we had a lot of difficulty regarding the team itself, in communication, we were more anxious.

Daiki talks about Team Liquid’s upcoming games

Despite the defeat, Daiki stated that the team will remain confident for the next matches. It is worth remembering that Team Liquid plays next Thursday (30) against Evil Geniuses making it worth staying in the competition.

“I remain very confident. In terms of confidence and what we are going to do in the championship, my confidence has not changed. I feel the same thing. I’m very calm, because we still have the lower bracket to play. There’s still a lot of championship left, it’s not over.”

My confidence hasn’t changed. I feel the same thing.

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Daiki in the Game Changers Brasil final
(Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games)
Raquel Ferreira
published in November 28, 2023


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