Saber Report a Bug in LoL is very important as you help the game developers fix issues that may be happening constantly. Who has never lost a League of Legends match due to a problem with the game itself?

In this article we will teach you how to how to report a Bug in LoL quickly and easily!

What is a Bug in LoL?

A bug in League refers to an error or glitch in the game that can cause unexpected behavior, affecting gameplay. These issues can range from minor visual glitches to significant glitches that alter the outcome of matches.

One of the most bizarre bugs that has ever happened in LoL (Image: Reproduction/LoL)

How to report a bug in LoL

To report a bug in LoL it is necessary to send a ticket to Riot, but in this specific case the game client itself already has a shortcut. See how to do it:

Step 1: Open the game client and log in to your account.

Step 2: Look for the icon in the bottom right corner.

Image to illustrate how to report a bug in LoL
(Image: Reproduction/LoL)

Step 3. Click on it and the LoL bug report page will open automatically.

Reportar bug no LoL Ticket
(Image: Reproduction/ Riot Games)

From here you will have a form to fill out about the bug you just witnessed in League.

Filling in the form

The 1st step is to report where the bug was found, whether it was at the time of installation, in the client itself, on the champion selection page, or already within the match.

The 2nd step is where exactly what the bug is is explained, in summary.

The 3rd and final step, you must put together a kind of “sequence of events” that lead to the appearance of the bug that is being reported in three moments. After that, you must say the event that should occur and what actually occurs.

How to solve LoL low FPS bug?

It is worth mentioning that your low FPS in LoL is not always a bug, and perhaps it could just be settings being adjusted on your computer. To resolve low FPS issues in League of Legends, follow these main steps:

  • Change Game Settings: Check your game settings to identify the cause of the low frame rate.
  • Minimize Heating Effects: Clean air vents or fans and consider using a laptop cooler.
  • Disable All Game Sounds: This can improve performance.
  • Clean the System Registry: Use tools like CCleaner to clean your system registry.
  • Keep Drivers Updated: Update your graphics card drivers to include bug fixes and optimizations.
  • Disable or Remove Unwanted Programs: Perform a clean boot and remove resource-intensive programs.
  • Restore Your Video Card Software: Restore the graphics card software to its default settings to avoid interference.
  • Tune Windows to Achieve Best Performance: Disable advanced Windows graphics features to improve performance.
  • Defragmentation: Defragmenting your primary hard drive can improve performance.
  • Change Notebook Power Settings: Enable high performance mode to avoid performance limitations.

For Mac users:

  • Close Any Applications Not in Use: Disable programs that consume a lot of memory.
  • Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC): This can help reset the graphics card voltage.
  • Restaure a NVRAM: Restoring NVRAM settings may resolve game malfunctions.
  • Disable Automatic Graphics Switching: This can improve performance while gaming.

Why is it important to know how to report a bug?

But you might be thinking “finding bugs is Riot’s responsibility and not mine”, and you’d be wrong. However, no developer can find all the game’s problems alone, so it is easier to find it when millions of people are playing, after all there are millions of different scenarios happening every second within the game.

Therefore, it is very important to know report a bug in LoLas you not only prevent it from happening again and damaging your experience, but you also help Riot improve League of Legends.

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