There are as many stars in the sky as there are rumors about one remake/remaster de Bloodborne — or even a potential release on other platforms, such as Xbox and PC. The fact is that there is a huge demand for this to happen, but the decision seems to be in FromSoftware’s hands.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, head of the Japanese studio that popularized the soulslike genre, spoke about this possibility recently in an interview with Eurogamer. He says he is “very happy” to see the fans’ desire for a remake de Bloodborne — which was released only for PlayStation 4 in 2015.

“It’s a title that we value as much as our fans,” explained the developer, who has previously directed games like Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Elden Ring and, of course, himself Bloodborne. “I’m very happy to see that there are still so many people in love with him.”

Bloodborne director is “very happy” with fans’ interest in a potential remake of the work.Source: PS Store

Although he is delighted with fans’ enthusiasm for the potential remake, Miyazaki has not discussed the matter and has not commented directly on the chances of this ending up happening.

“In short, I’m very happy to see that it’s a title with a lot of specific memories, both for me and for the team that worked on it,” said Miyazaki. “And when we see these passionate voices in the community, of course we are moved, we feel very fortunate for that and to have those memories.”

Who knows in the next generation…

Despite not giving any spark of hope to fans eager for a remake de BloodborneMiyazaki suggested that “new hardware is definitely part of what gives these remakes their value.”

Miyazaki disagrees, but does not rule out the possibility of a remake of Bloodborne.Miyazaki disagrees, but does not rule out the possibility of a remake of Bloodborne.Source: PS Store

“Things you couldn’t achieve on previous generations of hardware, ways you couldn’t render specific expressions, [o novo hardware] sometimes makes this possible,” the developer explained.

“However, I wouldn’t say that’s all,” he continued. “I think from a user perspective, modern hardware also allows more players to enjoy all games. And so, it ends up being a simple reason, but as a gamer, I think accessibility is important,” Miyazaki added.

Who knows the remake of Bloodborne It doesn’t appear at the end of the PS5 generation — or on the PS6, right? We’re ready for it, FromSoftware! Well, while that doesn’t happen, some fans out there found a way to make the game run on PC, through a PS4 emulator — and with the long-awaited 60 FPS option.

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