Helldivers 2, a new cooperative shooter from Arrowhead Game Studios, arrived on February 8th on PlayStation 5 and PC. Fatally, the absurd increase in the number of players ended up leading to some drastic decisions — such as temporarily limiting the number of players on the servers to 450,000. Many of them are even waiting a considerable amount of time to enter the sessions.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), the CEO of Arrow Game Studios, Johan Pilestedt, explained that the limit of simultaneous users (CCU) on the servers Helldivers 2 has been increased to 700,000 players — but that number, potentially, still may not do the job.

“I have a final update for today,” wrote Pilestedt this Friday (23). “We have updated the maximum CCU limit to 700,000. Unfortunately, we expect the CCU to reach this level. We believe that wait times are much more bearable now. Tomorrow we will make some final improvements for the weekend”, explained the executive on the social network .

The fact is that it didn’t take long for Helldivers 2 proved its value as a successful game — not only among the public, but also in the demands of specialized critics. On Steam, for example, the sequence reached a peak with more than 457 thousand simultaneous players, according to the Steam database. SteamDB — remembering that this amount refers only to the PC.

If you add it to the number of PSN players, the numbers, naturally, will be even higher. Furthermore, the game also displaced some veterans of the Valve platform, such as GTA V.

Studio promises continuous improvements for Helldivers 2

In an extensive statement on the official Discord, published earlier this week, the Swedish studio revealed that it has plans to bring “continuous improvements in the coming days and weeks”, to ensure the best possible experience for gamers. Helldivers 2. However, even this is not a guarantee that the updates will solve “all problems”.

Helldivers 2 has been attracting more and more players since its release at the beginning of the month.Source: PS Store

“We have improvements rolling out this week focusing on the game’s most serious issues: login, matchmaking, and server load. But remember that no one update will solve every issue. Instead, we’ll be making continuous improvements over the coming days and weeks “, explained the statement on the official Discord.

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