O VALUING continues to attract millions of players to the FPS. Game statistics platform tracker.gg has published useful player counts for the first half of 2023. During the year in July, the game had more than 20 million of active players.

(Photo: Reproduction/tracker.gg)

To date, more than 12 million of people logged into at least one VALORANT game in the month of November, based on data from Tracker.gg. However, this data has not yet been completed, because the month has not yet ended.

On the other hand, to compare the months of September to October, there was a drop in 1 million of players, the biggest drop of all time. The busiest month in the game had 20.4 million active users.

How many people play VALORANT every day?

Furthermore, the graph also brought information that the estimated number of players in the game per day exceeds the 6 million of users.

VALORANT game image
(Image: Disclosure/riot Games)
Raquel Ferreira
published in November 16, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/quantos-jogadores-tem-no-valorant

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