Grand Theft Auto V presents one of the best stories in the franchise, and much of this is due to the package proposed by Rockstar Games. In particular, a inclusion of three controllable protagonists and several missions to complete along the journey.

With several electrifying moments, one question that remains in the air is: what are the best story missions in GTA V? If you are curious, we will mention five of the coolest ones in random order in the following lines. Check out!

1. Derailed

Derailed It’s a mission that holds some epic moments, as we’re invited to control Trevor and Michael to help them steal a train — and cause a collision with another. All this while we alternate between the two characters to ensure success in the endeavor.

While Trevor needs to find the perfect time to jump from one train to another, steal the cargo and deal with some enemies, Michael must find a boat to ensure the duo’s escape after everything is completed on his partner’s side.

To close with a flourish, a large shootout takes place in the last momentsand there is even a chase at the end of the action.

2. The Big Score

This mission serves as a golden conclusion to the events seen in GTA Vconsidering that the characters need to carry out a major robbery and deal with police officers and guards armed to the teeth.

The story of this mission is very simple: Michael and Trevor have always wanted to rob the Union Depository, and manage to convince Franklin to participate in this action. Once the mission has started, it is possible to take two approaches: pretend to be drivers who need to take gold bars to another place, or simulate a robbery in front of the location to distract everyone while a drill opens a hole at the location of the robbery.

It’s good to be prepared here, because if the police discover what the plans are, the trio will have to shoot everywhere, generating a major confrontation in Los Santos.

3. The Third Way

An epic journey deserves an epic outcome, and that’s exactly what The Third Way offers, placing it as one of the best story missions in GTA 5.

At this point in the journey, It is possible to decide whether Franklin will eliminate Michael or Trevor. However, as the name of the mission suggests, there is a third way: see the trio teaming up to drop buckshot on as many opponents as possible.

After a good exchange of fire between the trio and members of the FIB and Merryweather, each one begins to eliminate the members of the opposing side individually. Finally, they join forces to send a certain character to the afterlife, who we won’t mention here for obvious reasons.

4. The Paleto Score

It’s hard to talk about the best story missions in GTA V not to mention The Paleto Scorewhether due to the degree of action or the epic scenes it provides.

It all starts with what appears to be a simple plan, as Michael, Franklin and Trevor intend to rob a bank in Paleto Bay. And, in fact, until then it would be just another typical day in the life of any robber, if it weren’t for a simple and important detail: he has more than $8 million in his coffers.

With all that money inside, it was to be expected that it wouldn’t just be guarded by conventional security guards. Therefore, embarking on this adventure will make the trio use heavy equipment and weapons, as To escape with the money, the protagonists need to deal with police and the army, including tanks.

5. Lamar Down

We will close our list of the best story missions in the GTA V quoting Lamar Downpossibly one of the most striking and which does not involve a bank robbery — or anything like that.

Lamar is an old friend of Franklin who also ends up getting close to Trevor. However, he ends up betrayed and taken hostage by members of Ballas, causing the three protagonists to join forces on a rescue mission.

Although, What makes this mission a little different is that strategy plays an important role in the success of the rescueas the Ballas members need to win a one-way ticket to limbo before Lamar has his freedom once again.

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