In Brazil, players’ anxiety after the launch of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) took place this Wednesday (24) After the community waited, it reflected on the Brazilian servers, who issued a congestion statement due to the high demand in the queues.

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Brazilian servers are congested with the launch

Some players reported that it took more than 30 minutes before they found a match. This is due to the high demand for matches with the official launch of the game. It is worth remembering that Valve had disabled the CS:GO to officially celebrate the arrival of the new Counter Strike.

Additionally, some users also encountered an error when trying to update the game to the new version.

New version of Counter Strike

The game that was released in 2000 had several versions such as: Counter Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike: Source and, of course, the beloved CS:GO. Some specific versions for the Asian market also had their place in the legacy, such as Counter-Strike Neo, Counter-Strike Online e Counter-Strike Online 2.

Now, fans can finally experience the next chapter in this journey to see how the new title will dominate the competitive scene and captivate FPS enthusiasts. The wait is over, and CS2 is ready.

CS2 news

As smokes have been completely redone and there was also the introduction of VAC Live, to keep the game free from cheaters. Another change is the new format of matches in MR12 (Match Round 12), which reduces the number of rounds for each game to finish. Furthermore, the CS Rating, a system that ranks players based on performance.

Finally, Valve paid tribute with an emblem to players who experienced CS:GO. On its faces, iconic references to the CT (Counter-Terrorists) and the TR (Terrorists).

CS2 release
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Raquel Ferreira
published in September 27, 2023


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