A Korean LoL team is in the grand final of Asian Games 2023 and will compete for the gold medal! Ruler and company beat China 2-0 this Wednesday (27), and this series may have been an early final of the competition.

The two teams are the strongest in the tournament, so many fans think that whoever wins the match will probably be the champion. Now the selection of Korea will face the Taipei team in the grand final.

Korea vs China – LoL Asian Games semi-finals

The first match had a slower pace, but little by little Korea gained advantages, with many kills at the hands of Ruler and his Kai’sa. At 29 minutes, after a decisive fight, Korea headed towards victory!

The second game was more balanced and China dominated the Early Game. The game seemed to be on track, but little by little Korea started to get back into the game. Ruler shined again, while Chovy put on a show with his Taliyah and Zeus with his Jax. With that, the team managed to turn it around and secured the GG in the 26th minute!

It is important to highlight that mid laner Faker did not play in this series. Check out the match statistics below

Final between Korea and Taipei

The grand final of the 2023 LoL Asian Games takes place this Friday (29). Korea and Taipei face each other at approximately 8 am. China will compete for the bronze medal against Vietnam at 3 am.

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Bruno Rodrigues
published in September 28, 2023

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