O Game Changers Championshipinclusive global VALUING, takes place between November 28th and December 3rd. Eight teams fight for the title of Riot’s best inclusive FPS team.

With that, we’ve separated a little about each team that will participate in the championship so you can stay up to date with all the teams that will enter the fight.

Team Liquid Brasil

(Photo: Riot Games)
  • Daiki (IGL)
  • bstrdd
  • stop
  • his
  • beard
  • Lecture (Trainer)
  • Kamino (Analyst)

A Team Liquid Brazil is one of the best GC teams in the world, having dominated the Brazilian scene since 2022. With the advantage of the local fans this year, this squad will try to break the record of third place in the previous Championship tournament.

Brazil’s Game Changers Series was controlled by Liquid’s GC team, who won both events by defeating LOUD in the grand final. Alongside these two teams, Brazil’s tournaments featured names like MIBR, Legacy which also raised the level of the region.

Shopify Rebellion

Shopify Rebellion VALORANT
(Photo: Disclosure/Shopify Rebellion)
  • meL(IGL)
  • florescent
  • Alexis
  • Sarah
  • Noia
  • effys (Trainer)

With players like fluorescent and meL, Shopify has proven to be the best North American Game Changers team and will be one of the favorites for the championship. Although this is the line-up’s first appearance in the championship, two former Cloud9 players (meL and alexis) will be able to bring their experience competing at the highest level.

They won both legs of the NA GC events and came second in the last one. Therefore, they were selected for Brazil through the North American Points Circuit.

Evil Geniuses GC

EG logo
(Photo: Reproduction/Evil Geniuses)
  • Theia (IGL)
  • StarBound
  • PowerPixele
  • Lorry
  • Nora
  • Jovi (trainer)

The EG team secured its first place in the championship by winning the last stage of GC North America. To secure the victory, the cast had to defeat Shopify Rebellion, formerly Version1, a team considered the best in North America. Therefore, it is clear that EG has the potential to bring surprises at the biggest event of their career.

Recently, EG parted ways with Keenc due to inappropriate behavior, where the player made misogynistic comments, and was fired from the organization.

G2 Gozen

(Photo: Disclosure/G2Esports)
  • Petra (IGL)
  • mimi
  • roxi
  • sarah
  • Glance
  • Carcass

The current champions of Championship 2022 will try to retain the title in São Paulo with some of the best players in the world in their squad. As expected, this team has been showing a consistent look after winning the biggest trophy last year.

G2 Gozen ran over everyone in the first two stages of the Game Changers EMEA. However, he was unable to maintain his record in Stage 3, guaranteeing 4th place in the event. Therefore, this lineup guaranteed its placement through the Points Circuit.

BBL Queens

BBL Queens Game Changers Championship line-up
(Photo: Disclosure/BBL Queens)
  • Vania (IGL)
  • Eva
  • alkyia
  • Felipe
  • Wish
  • Ritha (reserva)
  • Meseka (coach)

A BBL Queens does not have a consistently good record, except in the last stage of EMEA, where they secured a Grand Final victory against Acend Rising. Straight from Turkey, this lineup is not a favorite for the championship, considering that most of their tournament placements have not been as impressive as some of the other EMEA teams.

The last leg of EMEA showcased a new-look BBL Queens, who enjoyed a dominant 7-0 record in the group stage, defeating powerful names like Guild X and previous championship winners G2 Gozen.

KRÜ Blaze

KRÜ Blaze roster do Game Changers Championship
(Photo: Disclosure/KRÜ)
  • Kalita (IGL)
  • romi
  • conir
  • micaela
  • shyz
  • FR1X (Trainer)

The Game Changers team at KRÜ is the best in Latin America, having consistently stood out in regional events since 2022, the year in which the squad was formed. The excellent campaign last year allowed the team to reach the GC Championship 2022, where they had a disappointing 0-2 run.


Team SMG GC line-up
(Photo: Disclosure/Team SMG)
  • Kohaibi (IGL)
  • Alexy
  • Kamiyu
  • shirazi
  • Tarathiel

The Asian team is made up of players from Singapore and the Philippines, and is one of the oldest organizations that entered VALORANT in 2020. Although it started as a mixed team, SMG moved to Game Changers.

SMG won all three APAC Open Qualifier events from March to July this year and then went on to lift the top of the APAC Elite tournament via a 3-0 victory over RRQwhich allowed this group to secure its first place in the Game Changers Championship.

EDward Gaming

EDG Game Changers Championship 2023 roster
(Photo: Disclosure/EDG)
  • Clem
  • Hello Lee
  • XiMiLu
  • Yushin
  • Lizhi
  • shuaishuai (treinador)

EDward Gaming announced its Game Changers roster in June of this year, and this team showed its immense potential in a short time, mirroring EDG’s mixed roster.

After placing second in the China Qualifier in October, Chao Huit EDG secured a place at the event Game Changers East Asia. In the championship, they defeated the main teams from Japan, South Korea and China.

Game Changers Championship São Paulo

The inclusive world cup takes place between November 28th and December 3rd in São Paulo. Furthermore, the championship will be open to the public and tickets are already sold out.

The championship will feature eight teams from various VALORANT regions. Since they are from EMEA, Pacific, Americas, East Asia e APAC.

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/game-changers-championship-conheca-os-times-do-mundial-inclusivo

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