One of the biggest surprises of 2023 was the return of Uzi of retirement. He played as an ADC in EDGan organization that is the biggest rival of RNGa team in which he made history and is an idol.

During a stream, the player commented on the competitive season, the future and also how he sees himself today in the current League of Legends scenario. His return was full of rumors and even a fan climbed a tree near the Office to get a photo of the ADC inside.

Uzi talks about his 2023 season and new retirement

I don’t feel like playing anymore; reality defeated me (…) Not being at the World Cup is very annoying. Now, without mentioning the LPL, I haven’t even tried it with a tier 2 team. Honestly, I just can’t do it anymore.

No matter how much I practice, I will never reach the level again. I’ve rested for a long time (…) Playing professionally is very difficult for me now. You play 12 or even 15 hours a day. It’s very difficult to deal with this. Other regions may be calmer, but training in the LPL and LCK is very difficult. If you don’t play all that, you won’t be able to keep up, but my body can’t handle it. No matter how much I practice, it is impossible to maintain peak performance (…).

My life is very comfortable now. We can see each other every day (referring to streaming), but if I competed, we wouldn’t be able to.

Uzi replaced Leave

Uzi replaced young prodigy Leave, who Uzi even gave tips to this year. He told the player not to date for three years so he could become a multimillionaire.

EDG’s young ADC has been involved in several recent controversies. He was caught exchanging messages and having relationships with call girls. Furthermore, it was also leaked that he had fake accounts on several Chinese social networks where he was insulting JieJie, EDG’s jungler.

A EDG com Uzi

With the legendary ADC, the organization reached the LPL playoffs and came close to qualifying for Worlds 2023, but were unsuccessful. They were defeated by TES by 3-2, and, in the regional finals, they ended up losing to Weibo Gamingwho would become runner-up in the world.

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