Microsoft is considering offering the Xbox Game Pass subscription, which brings games and game streaming, for free to anyone who watches ads. The strategy was revealed by Xbox Chief Financial Officer Tim Stuart during an interview on Well Fargo TMT Summit.

The plan would be a way to expand the reach of Xbox Game Pass to emerging markets, where Microsoft consoles do not have as much presence. “For markets like Africa, India, or Southeast Asia, maybe places that don’t prioritize the console, you can say, ‘Hey, do you want to watch 30 seconds of an ad and then have two hours of game streaming?'” exemplified the executive.

Microsoft considers launching Xbox Game Pass streaming with ads in emerging markets.Fonte:  GettyImages

“In Africa, 50% of the population is 23 years old or younger, with a growing disposable income base, all with cell phones and mobile devices, and not much high-level disposable income in general,” Stuart pointed out.

Xbox may be preparing ground

Recently, security researcher TitleOS (@XB1_HexDecimal, on X) revealed that the Xbox system hides code related to “time credits” to access Xbox Game Pass. The mechanism could serve as tokens to check game streaming for a certain period.

However, offering streaming games in exchange for advertising may never get off the ground. The executive’s speech only reveals that Microsoft is evaluating strategies to expand its operations in markets with less presence of consoles.

Furthermore, xCloud with ads may never arrive in Brazil. The country with the 2nd largest number of users in the world, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer. With this in mind, it is difficult to guess whether the company will give up the paid subscription to offer a plan with ads here.

Assine o Xbox Game Pass

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Microsoft’s subscription service dedicated to Xbox and PC offers exclusive games, releases, Xbox Live Gold, EA Play and much more.


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