A streamer named ViniXDciuss was accused of racism during a live game CS2. Videos of the offense were shared on social media and had a huge impact with more than 600,000 views.

The cuts were published by the music producer known as Maff and they went viral, making the community come out in defense of the producer.

In the video, ViniXDciuss says that Maff will be the “first banned” from his live for “talking shit”. Still in the video, it is possible to hear a teammate warning that the player was black. After the reveal, ViniXDciuss muted the live and shouted into the camera.

According to Maff, ViniXDciuss shouted “monkey” for the live. Other videos show ViniXDciuss saying that he was “going to show the whip” to the player.

After the negative repercussion of the case, ViniXDciuss apologized in a video on X, formerly Twitter, and said he was sorry for what he did. ViniXDciuss also deleted all of his social networks, including his Twitch channel.

Maff also published an audio from ViniXDciuss in which he asked to publicize his apology. He said that his “life has already been destroyed” and that his employers have already contacted him due to the repercussions of the case.

Photo: Reproduction
Bruno Martins
published in December 16, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/cs2-streamer-e-acusado-de-racismo-em-live

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